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GeroWallet Just Released It's Beta App on Google Chrome! | How To Set It Up

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1 year ago

Gerowallet just released their beta version on the Google Chrome Store! If you don’t know what Gerowallet is, it is an all in one wallet that is operated on the Cardano Blockchain. It’s goal is to make it easier for users(especially new) to have a smooth experience with Defi. It is also aimed to be interchain and multi-chain compatible. 

The main features of the Gerowallet as of right now are: 

  • Buying/Trading Cardano With Fiat

  • Depositing Fiat To Earn Interest

  • Buying Global Stocks And Commodities using synthetic asses protools on Cardano

Gerowallet has a token called $Gero and it has 4 of these usecases:

Staking to receive wallet fees

Staking to receive rebate rewards depending on the service chosen

Using Gero as a governance token to vote on future innovations to the protocol

How To Setup Gerowallet:

Add The Gerowallet Chrome Extension By Going to the Google Chrome web store.

Create a wallet and set a password

Write down your seedphrase(ON PAPER!!!) and make sure to NEVER share it with anyone.

After that, you will name your wallet and you should be good to go.

You will go to “Import Account” if you have a pre-existing cardano wallet.

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