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6 months ago


Bitcoin is a scam! Cryptos are Ponzi schemes! That’s my take on cryptocurrencies before 2016.. As I progressed in life and started to see the real Ponzi scheme (namely FED printing unlimited money), I realised how wrong I was, and how crypto is a necessary invention to return power back to ordinary people. If the financial system stays as it is, the poor will forever remain poor, and the rich will forever get richer. And so in 2016 I dabbled in Bitcoin and many other altcoins…

Bitcoin (BTC) went through several hard forks throughout the years, and most notably Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was formed. I remember BCH/BTC ratio was as high as 0.2 when the fork happened, and it gradually dropped over the years. What got my attention is that BCH is now 1% of BTC, from a high of 20% of BTC! So I started looking into it. And I like what I’ve seen so far. 

I’ve been accumulating more BCH since the price of BTC hit USD$30k. And I’ll share with you 3 reasons why:

1 . Roger Ver

If you are into cryptos, you must know who Roger Ver is. He is one of the first few to invest heavily in Bitcoin, and the owner of Due to a series of unfortunate events, BTC has evolved/devolved into a white elephant, a game of greater fools. Roger Ver realised that, and since 2018, he stopped promoting BTC and instead started promoting BCH. I’ve watched with interest why he did that, and now in 2021, I see what he’s trying to build. With his leverage of, his efforts are reaping huge benefits for BCH in terms of usage & adoption by merchants and individuals.

Bitcoin was designed as a “Peer-to-peer electronic cash system”. The Bitcoin of today is anything but, with its ridiculously high fees and slow transaction times. 

BCH addresses these issues, and functions exactly like what BTC set out to do initially: Peer to peer electronic cash system. Roger Ver has stayed true to this initial vision, and he knew that BCH is the only coin that can fulfil what Satoshi Nakamoto set out to do. Over the past few years, Roger Ver has been actively building infrastructure and promoting the usage of BCH among merchants and individuals. It’s the mass adoption by the masses that will determine how useful and valuable a coin is. The price of BCH will eventually catch up and overtake those that have no real world usage.

The narrative for BTC has shifted to one of “store of value”, and is used by corporations like Tesla & Microstrategy to protect their fiat currency from depreciating . There is no real world usage of BTC for the exchange of goods & services of any kind, simply for the fact that its fees are high, and transaction times slow. In the hands of the institutions, BTC has become a slave for the rich. 

I don’t know Roger Ver personally, nor do I agree with all his views. But I totally align with his vision of BCH as a decentralised peer-to-peer electronic cash system that requires no permission to send any amount to anyone anywhere in the world, anonymously and basically for free!

Attached some compelling arguments that Roger Ver has put up over the years.



Bitcoin Whitepaper

Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System
Roger Ver email to EdVanDerWalt

BCH BTC Endgame

2 .

This is a website set up by Kim Dotcom explaining why BCH is so good. You’ll gain so much more insight into BCH if you could just visit this website. Kim did a fantastic job summarising all the benefits of BCH.

And he’s doing a great job sharing knowledge with new crypto entrants that they might have otherwise missed out or have not fully grasp.

3 . Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin!

  • Decentralised. Checked!

  • Limited supply of 21 million. Checked!

  • Low fees. Checked!

  • Fast transaction time. Checked!

  • Active promotion and adoption among merchants & individuals. Checked!

  • Anonymous transfers. Checked!

  • Small amount transactions friendly. Checked!

  • And many many more reasons…. Checked!

As you can see, it’s not just 3 reasons why I’m so bullish on Bitcoin Cash (BCH). There are plenty more.

Its pure branding and hype that people are buying BTC. Once someone can see past the hype and focus on the utility of a coin, they’ll understand that BCH is way superior than BTC and the other altcoins. In fact, BCH is the only crypto anyone should actively accumulate from now on. It's way undervalued for such vast utility!


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6 months ago
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Very nice article! I agree with you, too. Roger Ver has been constructing very important BCH infrastructures to promote Bitcoin Cash. That is for sure. I also do not agree with all of his views, but I totally agree that he has been contributing so much to the BCH community. We will see how the BCH community will grow. :)

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6 months ago

Thanks for your kind comments. Let’s grow the BCH community together! :)

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6 months ago