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In this Century I’ve discovered something about the use of social media and it really makes me proud to be part of it. We use social media for a lot of things but one thing I find really cool is the way different individuals use them for promotions and advertisement. One of these apps include the Telegram Messenger. Telegram is a really broad social community and from my point of view, it is a very great means of promotion and advertisement depending on the user. Most telegram users use telegram for casual things only without getting to get the true potential of the application. I would be talking about a few of these potentials.

When I said ‘’casual things’’ I actually meant messaging. Most telegram users use telegram only for messaging and it ends there but there are other things apart from the usual messaging spree.
1.    Copy made easy.
On telegram, copying texts can be really easy especially if you are using the desktop application. Normally on your device, you have to hold down a particular message for you to be able to copy that text but if the text was formatted and put in Mono by the sender, you can easily copy that particular text by just clicking on it

2.    Buttons and Link Reviews

Sending links is simplified by using telegram buttons that helps you compress the link into a button. This also gives your recipient a preview of the link you sent and is really helpful if the link you’re sending is a very long one.

3.    Deleting messages

Your private life is respected by telegram. You get to be able to delete messages you sent to a particular user without the person getting to know. Although most users misuse this feature, I think it is a very good one from telegram.


These can be used for different purposes like regulating and managing groups, group support, giveaways and even airdrops. Any telegram user can make bots using the BotFather so you have to be very careful and do your own research before giving out sensitive information to a bot on telegram. The buttons I mentioned before are actually made by bots and then can be forwarded to the chat you want. These bots are regulated by telegram so if a bot is a scam bot and is reported, it is immediately tagged as scam and any user willing to use that bot knows he is doing it at his own risk.

Channels and Groups

On telegram you get to be able to own and manage several channels and have groups which you can link to those groups for chats. There are limits to how many people can be in each group though and as the admin, you can only add 200 members to your channel and later on you can share your links for other telegram users to join. Managing a channel is pretty simple with the help of scheduled messages and bots. Scheduled messages are set to send at a particular time and Bots are AIs that help you maintain order in your group and channel even if you are away. There are a lot of bot on telegram for that purpose but with different setups and capabilities. While you can add enough bots to your group or channel, you need to have in mind that most bots would not stay in the same group or channel as some other bots and would have to leave the channel or group automatically sometimes without your own notice.


Business gets really easy for business owners as they can setup telegram bots to chat with customers in their absence and get paid for a particular product. It works for any business but I think it works best for businesses that have to do with promotion and advertising or selling digital contents like NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, Premium graphic designs or pictures, Premium beats and music amongst others. The reason is digital products can be delivered easily and instantly without you being online and you get paid while the buyer gets their products. The only time you may need to chat directly is if there has been a failed payment and you need to clarify it but for products which have to be delivered physically, you have to chat with the buyer and most times make calls to discuss things like pickup location.


On telegram you can have up to three accounts on your phone and you can also login on your device on other devices without having to logout from one particular device. This isn’t really safe so I recommend you having the 2FA setup on your account so you are on the safe side and reduces the risk of your account getting hacked.

There are other nice features telegram offers which are not listed here but I think these would really enlighten you if you have been using telegram before and if you are a new user that intends to use telegram as a means of promotion or advertisement.

Every image used here are screenshots from my PC and the last image is from my mobile device

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