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Learn and Earn $500 with Binance Academy - Airdrop in BTC

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2 years ago

Total Reward: $500 in BTC.

Create an account at Binance
*Proceed to the airdrop form if you already have an account

Visit the Binance Academy Airdrop Google Form

Airdrop Terms and conditions:
1. Create an account at Binance Exchange & Confirm your Email.
2. Submit your Registered Email on Binance.
3. Complete the Quiz in the Form.

Questions and Answers:
 Q1: What does “custodial” mean in the context of cryptocurrency storage?
A- You hold your private keys
 Q2: The Lightning Network is primarily a ... solution.
A- Scalability
 Q3: Which token standard supports both fungible and non-fungible tokens in the same contract? *
A- ERC-1155
 Q4: Which of these is an example of a soft fork?
A- The inclusion of Segregated Witness
 Q5: A hot wallet is ... than a cold wallet.
A- less secure
 Q6: Which of the following statements is true? *
A- Custodial solutions allow you to hold your own private keys
 Q7: The reference implementation of Bitcoin is called... *
A- Bitcoin Core
 Q8: You can mine ERC-20 tokens. *
A- False
 Q9: An ERC-20 contract has ... mandatory functions. *
A- 6
 Q10: The full title of the Bitcoin white paper is Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer...
A- Electronic Cash System

For more additional information just click the source link below:

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Written by   3
2 years ago
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