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DACC 2.0 "Decentralized Accessible Content Chain" - the Next DeFI DEX protocol on Tron Blockchain.

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2 years ago

DACC is Already Listed on JustSwap

Total Reward: Receive up to 50 stakes and share 1,000,000 DACC for easy tasks on Telegram and Twitter.

Start DACC Telegram Airdrop

Airdrop Terms and conditions: (All tasks are Mandatory)
1. Start DACC Bot.
2. Follow DACC 2.0 on Telegram Group.
3. Follow Their Twitter & Retweet the Airdrop Post.

Submit your details to the Airdrop Bot with your TRON wallet address that support TRC-20 token

Additional Information:

DACC is Revolutionizing the digital content industry with a public blockchain that features content ownership and access management at the infrastructure level.

DACC website for more info.

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