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The Various Effects of Plastic Polluton

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7 months ago

Plastic pollution is one of the major problems our world is dealing with today. It has greatly impacted not just us, humans but also wildlife. In this article, we will talk through the various effects of plastic pollution.

First and foremost, plastics that weren't recycled end up in landfills where a highly toxic substance termed Leachate develops. This Leachate moves into groundwater, soil, and streams which will eventually poison ecosystems and harm wildlife.

Moreover, plastics in bodies of water break down into small debris which we call microplastics making marine animals such as turtles die due to their consumption of it.

In addition, toxins from plastics end up in the food chain. For instance, plastic is eaten by a shrimp. Next, the shrimp is eaten by a squid. Then the squid is eaten by a mackerel, and afterward, the mackerel is eaten by us.

Now that we have tackled the negative effects of plastic pollution, bear in mind that the next time you dispose your plastic garbage, see to it that you place it in the right bin, the recyclable bin.

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