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The Drawbacks of Social Media on Students

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4 months ago

Social Media is a computer-based network that enables people to chat, share pictures, videos, audio, views, opinions, and more. As for us students, we make use of social media for educational and entertainment purposes. Although there are some advantages, I think social media has several disadvantages that can greatly affect students and should be addressed.

To begin with, it is hindering our happiness. Seeing our peers' and other people's amazeballs posts may inspire us but deep down inside, it makes us feel envious and miserable about ourselves. Also, we kinda humblebrag random things about our lives for we love receiving likes, praises, and attention. Little did we know, we start to rely our self-worth and happiness on positive reinforcements and it'll be a little difficult for us to be happy with ourselves.

Additionally, we misspend our time scrolling through social media. There's a lot to see on social media and we tend to immerse ourselves in other people's posts. Consequently, we lose our productivity.

Lastly, it damages our relationships. Sometimes we are unaware that we become addicted to social media and spend less time with our family and friends. This may make them feel neglected. As a result, it will create a rift in your relationship.

To sum up, social media could have negative impacts on students. I believe that social media, regardless of its advantages, may also have its drawbacks to us all. Now, do yourself a favor. Pause for a while, take a break, free yourself from social media, and feel today's tranquility.

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