Things that adds up motivation and productivity

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It was year 2021 when I was in front of my workstation and always feel neglected even indisposed for quite sometime, it seems like it's just plain and always felt that things are just the same everyday and nothing's special, in other words I'm lacking motivation.

One time I saw a post on Facebook that I really stared at for a long time as if my eyes were shining, I said "shocks the station was nice, especially the keyboard", then it didn't seem to be erased from my mind which gives me an idea that this may help me add some excitement being with this thing called custom keyboards.

Wow! Custom huh, sounds perfect for me.

The next day I started browsing and joining some groups on facebook to give me an idea about doing it and I was overwhelmed seing lot's of varieties that can be made about this hobby. At first I had a doubt that I might spend a great deal which I was wrong, there's a lot of budget kind of keyboards that really makes good deal especially for beginners like me, So I grab the chance and ordered one to star with.

The question is what type of keyboard would fit me?

So, I look what are the different kind they may offer. What I discovered is there's many kind of layouts I could choose to have. The first is full size keyboard that I have now but may issue is I have a small desk space and then here comes the TKL layout which Almost identical to full size keyboard but without num keys and nope it's not my type then this 60/65/75 percent keyboard came in and looks really interesting, this might be the answer so I choose 65% layout.

Meet "Mr. Avocado" it's actually matcha but for me they look the same.

I've been using it for over a year now and I've set it up with the color I want and so on. Promise, this thing puts up a lot of excitement and effective way to add up motivation and work even harder or even lot better. Quite addictive but it feels good and satisfying when pressing those keys which plays great music to my ears that I can't stop listening.

The conclusion.

The important thing right now is not to let us lose self -motivation because there are many ways that we can look around and give it the right attention, you know you can improve whatever you are doing because of something that makes you happy and discover those things that serve as a guide in the field to which you belong.

How about you?

What are the things that keeps you motivated?

Watch the build video here:

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Woow that's great. I'm gald you found a way to re motivate yourself.

That's my problem, I easily lose it that I am not able to do as I wish

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10 months ago

Thanks ma'am, hope that you could find yours too.

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10 months ago