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2 years ago

I loved and lost! Now i stand alone to recall a beautiful beginning, a time of a picture perfect painting and Summer Skies, Stars splashed in twinkling lights.

Then i healed and sealed my heart to love for the pain of the past

But here I am again, Love won't just let me be ❤

I lay the past to rest and take another leap..... 

It is deep
To blink your eyes
And see the years flee past
The days roll swiftly by
To live a moment in time
As pieces of a jig-saw puzzle


The deep calleth
And I want to get lost
To enmesh myself
In pure pictures
Of a perfect past
From a deepest place


I ache for lost dreams
Where pleasure promised a journey
To take me where the calm winds rustle
To places deep, places solemn
Till I leave the storms in shreds
And broken-nes Un-fathomed


I wish my words to flow
As noon Springs
From tips of sea-drops
As Summer time
From honey-combs
Of dripping bees
To make destiny stand in awe
And the tides turn their waves


In the deep, in my heart
When I stare at the distant light
At the lit sky in sundry colours
It is a moment to smile
And take that deep sigh
For the journey home
Is to lay the bits of my heart to rest


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