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Body lust👰❤

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3 weeks ago

If you have a chance to hang your head upside down from this lustful pendulum hanging between the two branches of your legs, think about it.

 Slightly above these two branches is a chalk on which your barren soil drank blood for nine months and descended into a shape jar.

 If the heart is a little relieved from the burden of wanting to scratch the breasts, then consider a little on the left side.

 You will see a heart in which just from eternity

 The monster of man's false love dances

 If the air of chewing and distorting the lips comes out of the head, then read the writing on the pins of the lips.

 You will forget the words of the gods

 If you get tired of putting it on the shoe, then look at the woman by putting it on her eyelids

 You will dream of auspicious hours

 If the craziness of masculinity leaves the canals of the arteries, filling some of them with the honey of humanity will bring a harvest of shame on the rocky lands of your heart.

 If the cloud of horror disappears from the veil of the eye

 So take a short walk on the roof of feeling in the blue sun of truth

 Crossing the lustful fog of seductive thighs, breasts, hips, lips and swinging rooms

 There will be a fragrant weather in a sanctuary called a woman

 If you remove the idol under your eyes and see it, you will feel it

 That woman is much more than a body

 If you can see

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Written by   46
3 weeks ago
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Amazing story

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1 week ago