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4 weeks ago

Finds out your scent ...

 Does me a favor

 Most of the time now in the loneliness of night

 Keeps up the conversation

 Kiss the flower gently.

 The miracle is windy ...

 The branch only prays.

 This is the spring crop.

 What color gives the heart?

 We have seen that bright hour.

 The night when the lion says.

 The heart does not follow this path.

 Which separates me from you.

 Life was mine but now.

 At your request

 He did not see, otherwise this eye.

 The state of the heart says ...

 Needless river cuff finger

 The sand writes the name.

 Look at my face.

 What does even a glance do?

 Remembering a night as evening falls.

 Kochai makes a noise in her life.

 The problem is that whenever the lights come on ...

 The decision is just made.

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1 week ago

Simple and nice article

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4 weeks ago


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2 weeks ago

Nice article it is.thanks

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4 weeks ago