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What honor do the parents owe?

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2 years ago

The Bible urges children to obey and honor their parents. Emphasize the correctness of this course and show that it provides lasting blessings. We read: "Children, obey your parents in union with the Lord, for it is only:" Honor your father and your mother "; This is the first commandment with a promise: "May this come with you and endure long on earth." ""

Honoring parents therefore means obeying them. Why is this "correct"? Of course, the fact that the only God who is given to honor parents is a just God shows that obedience is necessarily correct. But why did God give that order?

In fact, children must be obedient to their parents. What if they were completely careless? Can you get up? Should not children have the right to show appreciation for what their parents have done for them, to be obedient in all things that do not interfere with keeping the supreme laws of God and Christ? ?

The honor of parents through obedience is also important for maintaining unity and order in the family and society at large. If children do not learn to honor their parents, they are unlikely to respect any other authority. Their disobedience will therefore marginalize them in society, people who do not respect the rights of others. If children refuse to obey parents who have their best interests at heart, how can they obey Heavenly Father, Jehovah God, who is invisible?

Another factor that makes obedience to parents fair is that parents benefit from age and experience. The child's education is very limited, as is his thinking and understanding. Especially during the first years of life, the child needs parental guidance and discipline to avoid anger. This is the point that the biblical proverb emphasizes: “Madness is connected with the heart of the child; Discipline staff removes it.

The promise to keep the commandment to honor parents is inherent: "to be able to follow you and endure long on earth." This is because parents generally want good, not bad, to come from their children. Despite their weaknesses and shortcomings, most parents try to do what they can to help their children avoid harm. In harmony with the parents' education, children can avoid immeasurable suffering. In general, obedience to parental advice would lead to the avoidance of sexual immorality, intoxication, drug abuse, and other practices that could lead to serious injury and perhaps even premature death.

But is it just about obedience to honor your parents while you are a minor? No. Jesus Christ emphasized that homage to parents lasts a lifetime. Describing the traditional view of the Pharisees, Jesus said, "God said, 'Honor your father and your mother'; and "Those who stop insulting their father or mother must die." But you say, "He who says to his father or mother: 'All I have to benefit myself is a gift of commitment to God. "And then you annulled the word of God because of your tradition."

The apostle Paul also showed that the material gift to parents and grandparents is part of their honor. Regarding the responsibility of society and children towards widows, he wrote: “Honor widows who are truly widows [that is, they have no family to support them. Help them to]. But if a widow has children or grandchildren, before she learns to exercise divine devotion within her four walls and continues to pay compensation to her parents and grandparents, which is acceptable in the eyes of God. . . If someone does not care about those who belong to him, and especially those who are family members, he has denied the faith and they are worse than a person without faith.

Therefore, the issue of honor for elderly parents and grandparents must be taken very seriously. It is a Christian requirement. Ignoring this means rejecting the Christian faith. Anyone who ignores the needs of others, especially those related to them, lacks love. If the love of the parents he sees and who cared for him is wrong, he can not love God.

In honor of parents, it is not always easy to take care of it. Older parents may need a lot of attention due to weakness and illness. The layout is not always the best. Personality differences between parents and children can become more noticeable over the years and cause significant friction. But would it be justified to ignore the needs of parents? Absolutely not.

It has not always been easy for parents to put up with their children's madness and care for them in times of illness or other adversity. But love forced parents to do what no one could afford. Many parents have devoted time, resources and energy, and sometimes even sacrificed their health, to help their children grow into responsible adults. Are parents not entitled to compensation for their children?

But what if the father is the stepfather? True Christians know that when they get married, they may have to take responsibility for ensuring the timely care of their parents. A devoted Christian would not say "I did not marry his relatives" and has no obligation to those who are only related to marriage. You want to honor parents on both sides of the family and recognize that it is the right thing to do.

In many countries parents can have what they need materially. But they may want to be accompanied and be assured that their adult children love them very much. Children will do well to think about things they can do to say thank you for what their parents have done for them. You should want to do everything you can to make parents feel useful and valued by including them in their plans and activities. By advising parents on important issues, children show that they value the wisdom of their father and mother. All of these are ways of showing honor and gratitude to parents.

It is only when we give parents the honor they deserve that we can expect blessings from God. In this sense, true Christians of these “last days” stand in stark contrast to a world where “natural affection” is lacking. As young people, Christian children should be exemplary in obeying their parents. As adults, they should be concerned about doing everything in their power to contribute to the happiness and well-being of their parents.

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Written by   8
2 years ago
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