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Is God Testing You With Evil?

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1 year ago

It is common for people to refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes. A man can drink a lot and gamble, get into a state of poverty, and then blame God for his troubles. Proverbs 19: 3 describes the situation realistically: "It is the foolishness of the earthly man who wriggles, and that is why his heart is raged against Jehovah himself."

But you may ask yourself: are there any exceptions to this? Does God ever try to make mistakes?

Christian student James gives us a real vision of this.He wrote: “When under trial, let no one say: ‘I am being tried by God.’ For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone.”(James 1:13.) These words indicate that it is contrary to Jehovah's personality to test his intelligent creatures with evil.

The Most High is holy, pure or pure in the absolute sense.He is never the source of anything bad.Jehovah is also the highest standard of all good things. The scriptures describe angelic creatures, seraphim who say, "Holy, holy, holy is Jehovah." (Isaiah 6: 3) Even Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten of God, refused to accept the term “good” as part of a title. This showed that he also recognized his father as the highest measure of kindness (Mark 10:17, 18).

Since the Almighty is good from start to finish, without the slightest mistake, he simply cannot be made to do harm. Therefore "he cannot be judged with evil". Evil has no attraction in him. He hates it. The prophet Habakkuk wrote of Jehovah: “You are too pure in eyes to see what is bad; and look at the problems you can't.Since the Most High is absolutely free from the slightest stain of evil, he cannot judge anyone with evil. He never puts anything in front of people to bring them from good to bad.

Of course, some people might argue that there would have been less immorality if God had not created such attraction between the sexes. Likewise, if people were not created with such a keen sense of sight, smell, touch and taste, and hence the desire for alcoholic beverages, material goods, entertainment, etc., a lot of things would be much less attractive. less likely to lead a person in the wrong direction.

But is this reasoning valid? For example, a car can travel a considerable distance in a short time. However, should the manufacturer be held responsible in the event of an accident because the driver exceeds the speed limit too much when cornering? Of course, no one can rightly accuse the automaker of causing the driver to break a safety rule by building a car capable of moving faster than road conditions allow.

Likewise, the fact that God gives man the capacity to procreate does not mean that he has created an incentive to fornicate. The fact that the body is designed to eat and drink is not even an inducement to indulge in drunkenness or gluttony. Fornication, drunkenness, gluttony and the like represent an abuse of the body. The Christian apostle Paul made it clear to the Corinthians: “Food for the womb and to eat; but God will reduce them [the belly] and them [the food] to nothing. Now the body is not fornication ”- 1 Cor. 6:13.

In reality, people do evil by indulging in their own evil desires and not being judged bad by God.

Certainly, Jehovah God allows various types of circumstances that attract the Christian. But the Supreme does not make false and seductive looks. His word, the Bible, clearly condemns all malice and indicates undesirable results. Consequently, it is the individual's reaction to the particular circumstance that determines the outcome of this attempt. To illustrate, a Christian can suffer physical abuse because of his faith. Your desire for relief may grow to the point where you begin to think compromises. If you give in to that desire, you will sin. But you cannot accuse Jehovah God of ignoring the warnings of the Bible and committing transgressions.

In fact, the Almighty is very willing to help His servants to pass trials successfully. On the wisdom necessary to face trials, the disciple James wrote: “If any of you do not have wisdom, persist in asking God, because he gives everything free and without censorship; and it will be given to you. (James 1: 5) Through his spirit, Jehovah God will remind a person's spirit what he needs to know and how to use what is remembered to endure adversity. This is in line with what Jesus Christ told his disciples about the work of the Spirit of God: "The helper, the Holy Spirit, that the Father will send in my name, this you. You will teach everything and bring everything back to your mind ... the things I told you - John 14:26.

Therefore, no matter what comes, we must be careful not to think ill of our Creator. The disciple James advised: “Make no mistake, my beloved brothers. Every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above because it comes from the Father of the Celestial Lights and with him there is no variation in the rotation of the shadow. "

Since Jehovah is the unchanging God of good, you can be sure that he will never test you with evil. It is the source of only good things, not worse. So as you go through trials, trust that Jehovah God will help you. It will undoubtedly give you the wisdom you need to face difficulties successfully. Also, never allow yourself to blame God for any trouble it may bring. Instead, turn to him with regret and he will abundantly forgive you.Yes, if we stay close to our Creator, we will continue to receive His “good gifts” for eternity.  

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Written by   8
1 year ago
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