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How to best use clothes?

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2 years ago

CLOTHING is one of the main human needs. For much of the world's population, this is a significant expense. Therefore, you might want to get the most out of your clothes. But what can you do personally to get the most out of your clothes and reduce your expenses?

Make a wise choice

The first step is to make the right choice when shopping for clothes. To avoid dropping a dress long before it has fully enjoyed it, it's usually best to avoid extreme fashions or styles that quickly become obsolete. Buying good quality products whenever possible will be more rewarding. Because they're designed to last longer, these pieces tend to have a slightly more conservative style. But that's not a drawback. Since a more conservative outfit tends not to stand out as much as styles change, it's less likely to abandon it as new styles emerge. In addition, good quality clothing fits better and maintains its shape and overall appearance for longer.

Before making a purchase, we recommend that you carefully examine the clothes. Is there evidence of a good finish? Are the buttons properly pushed in? Are the seams close and even? Are the buttonholes and hems well finished? Are the pockets and linings made of a well woven starch free fabric? Was it not recorded on the material? Is there enough fabric on the seams so that it does not come out of the seams? Do the hinges work easily? Is the fabric tight and strong? If you can answer yes to the applicable questions, this is a good indication that you are looking for a desirable quality garment.

Special attention should also be given to labels or tags. That says a lot about what to expect from clothes in terms of shrinkage and fading. In addition, the maintenance instructions provided will be useful in the future.

Don't forget the expenses that may arise after purchasing clothes. In particular, people with modest incomes should be concerned about getting clothes that do not increase cleaning costs and can be repaired so that the seam is not very visible. Mixed color clothes will be more satisfactory in this regard than solid color clothes.

Pay attention to how the new clothes will fit into your current wardrobe. You will have a more complete use of an item of clothing (such as a tie, pants, sports jacket, blouse, or skirt) that matches other pieces you already own. There is an added advantage of purchasing women's socks of the same color. When a "rush" develops in one sock, the other can be used as a backup.

Of course, it is also important to buy clothes of the right size. If subjected to additional stress, a very tight garment will deform and wear out sooner. If the sleeves and pants are too long, they will show signs of wear well before the correct length. Clothing that requires significant alteration often cannot fit properly and therefore wears out sooner.

When buying baby clothes, growth should be taken into account. It does not require the purchase of large clothes. It is best to select clothes that have features that allow adjustments. It includes cuffs on the pants, as well as easily removable pleats, seams and pleats.

Appropriate care

Once the selection is made, the clothes should be properly cared for. Therefore, follow the instructions provided on the label for washing or cleaning. Don't delay in taking care of open seams, tears and stains. Since dust and dirt have a deteriorating effect on clothes, brush them regularly, especially pockets and cuffs. Avoid overloading your pockets, as this will alter the appearance of your clothes and reduce their useful life.

The less clothes you have to iron, the longer it will last. Therefore, it is useful to turn the clothes over and take a break. Coats, pants and the like must be carefully hung up in order to repeat the ironing. Since fabrics tend to stretch, they should be folded with care rather than placed on hangers.

When storing your clothes out of season, make sure they are clean. Stains and spots attract pests such as moths and carpet beetles. Woolen clothing should be protected with a moth repellent. By placing your clothes in dust-free containers and storing them in a cool, dry place, you can go a long way in preventing mold.

Yes, proper care with the right clothes can go a long way in making them last and look better for longer. It often takes a little more thought, time and effort. But it's worth the investment.

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Written by   8
2 years ago
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Great tips on how to best use clothes

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2 years ago

When I go to buy clothes I didn't checked it, as long as it fits for me it's fine. But thank you for this article. I will check the clothes that I will buy for the future

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2 years ago