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Evolution and Christianity: Are They Compatible?

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2 years ago

According to the theory of evolution, all living things evolved from unicellular organisms that arose hundreds of millions of years ago. Biological changes have likely resulted in an endless variety of plants and animals on earth today.

Among those who accept this theory, there are many who believe in God, they believe that God initiated and controlled the entire process of evolution. Do you agree with this opinion?

Many believe that there is no real conflict between evolutionary theory and the foundations of Christianity. However, there are some basic issues that you cannot come to terms with.

Unique among them is the claim of evolutionists that all life forms arose from a common beginning and are therefore related to one another, at least in the distant past. The Bible clearly states, however, that God “created” species of plants, water, birds, animals, and humans “separately and according to his kind” (Genesis 1:11, 12, 20-22, 24-28; 2: 7, 21-23) Should Christians today give up the Genesis account of creation in order to move forward? Is it "ignorant" to believe in a separate creation? 

The most official Christian testimony is Jesus Christ Himself. Notice his expression in relation to some religious leaders: “Didn't you read that whoever created them from the beginning made them male and female and said, 'Therefore forsake a man his father and his mother and stays with his own. the woman? and will the two be one flesh? "(Mt 19: 4, 5) It follows that Jesus accepted the biblical view of how life was born.

All Christian-Greek scriptures agree on this point. For example we read: "Because the man does not come from the woman, but the woman comes from the man". (1 Cor 11: 8; compare Genesis 2: 21-23). “God created the world and everything in it. . . made by one man every nation of men to live all over the earth. (Acts 17: 24-26; compare Genesis 1:27, 28).

But can informed people accept this point of view today? Aren't the discoveries made by scientists contradict the making of Genesis? It is customary in some circles to believe this. But how many have really looked into the matter? You have? The first chapter of Genesis does not say that God created all kinds of plants and animals separately. As mentioned above, living things were made "according to their kind". What does this term mean? Large groups of organisms like humans are simply different from other larger groups. However, this allows for great differences within each type of Genesis.

Isn't that what life forms look like today? You probably can't count the different cats and dogs you've seen in your life. But aren't they cats and dogs yet? The line between dog and cat is never crossed. What about humanity? While many variations can be seen in humans, including hair color, eye color, height, natural abilities, and personality traits, they nonetheless remain human. In this regard, a well-known zoology professor, Theodosius Dobzansky wrote:

"The living world is not a single group of individuals in which two variants are linked by an uninterrupted series of integrations, but a series of more or less clearly separated agreements, intermediaries between which they are absent or at least rare."

What about the fossil data on life at a young age? Do we see evidence of the further development of all living things? Or does the “mountain record” contain additional references to differences between large groups of organisms? The paleontologist George Gaylord Simpson writes:

The point is that many species and genera, yes the majority, suddenly appear in the log, greatly and in many ways different from any previous group, and this occurrence of discontinuity becomes more frequent the higher the level until it is practically not universal in Relation to the order and on all higher hierarchical levels [classification of animals and plants]. ""

Don't these facts about the living and fossilized worlds fully confirm the Genesis story that life forms were born and reproduced "after their kind"?

A great Christian teaching is expressed in Romans 5:12: An important Christian teaching is expressed in Romans 5:12: "Sin entered into the world through a man, and death through sin and death passed to all men, for they all fished." It was necessary for Jesus Christ to come to earth and die in sacrifice as "the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." (John 1:29) But this Christian truth completely contradicts the theory of evolution. How to obtain? Because this theory claims that man evolved instead of falling into sin in the beginning. If that were true, it would not be necessary for Jesus to atone for sin.

And the most important characteristic of Christianity? Jesus said, "By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another" (John 13:35). In his famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus advised his listeners to show love to their "enemies" as well. (Mt 5:44.) Does the theory of evolution agree with the law of Christian love? Paul Raubiczak, professor of philosophy, mentions some of the effects of evolutionary thinking on humanity:

"Evolution was the basis of a complete philosophy.... has resulted in a new morality, such as ruthless competition in a capitalist war and ruthless in the communist world and ruthless nationalism everywhere. "

The consequences of accepting the theory of evolution can be significant. Would you be convinced that the biblical view of the origin of life is wrong? How would this affect your view of other parts of the Bible, such as its high moral standards? Does this theory lead to the total destruction of your faith in God, as do millions of other people?

In summary, the theory of evolution denies that large groups of living things differ from each other and have been throughout the history of life on earth. He denies the truth about the fall of man and the consequent need for Jesus' ransom sacrifice.

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Written by   8
2 years ago
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