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Saliksik - Research

Lakbay - Journey/Adventure

What am I talking about? Well as the DOST Region Xl and United Nations Development Programme-UNDP are running a "Gross roots Innovation for Inclusive Development" program here in Davao Region. What's that mean, is we head off and immerse ourselves with communities... just like the Ata Manobo in Talaingod. But the way we do it?

"SalikLakbay style"

We allow the communities to take us on a journey... and open ourselves up to what we are experiencing. Listen, observe, appreciate, learn... research! Just I was being guided off into a ravine in the middle of Talaingod. Surrounded by ridges, the local Ata Manobo community was showcasing how they utilize their environment. From "bagtok" to "apusaw"...

But first, let me show you a photo!


Kawayan, In the Philippines that is bamboo... something found in abundance. But don't be confused with what I am showing you in photo! It is NOT YOUR USUAL BAMBOO. For generations this Ata Manobo community in Talaingod has been utilizing something else...


Found growing naturally along ravines. This "bamboo like" plant sprouts up like trees! Literally. As the Ata Manobo community took us deep into this ravine... a "forest of bagtok" lined the slopes surrounding us. Now I'd like to share more about this unique plant. But I'll have to wait! why? Because we don't know that much! DOST Region XI is going to run tests on this, and find out more!

What we do know...

Is this community has been utilizing Bagtok for a long time in many ways!

And I will share more about that in the near future...

Have you eaten "Apusaw?"

Our "SalikLakbay" with the Ata Manobo took us into a ravine full of vegetation and plants. One of those plants was called "Apusaw", and it could be harvested every three days.

What for?

For delicious ulam of course!

This Ata Manobo community in Talaingod cooks apusaw with sardines, or alone with a unique sort of adobo sauce. At first glance I wasn't sure I would like it. The plant comes across a bit slimy. But wow... SERIOUSLY THIS WAS GOOD! Especially when paired with local cassava. And it must be healthy.

Speaking of that...

One of the wonderful things about this Grass roots Innovation for Inclusive Development Program? The DOST Region XI and United Nations Development Programme-UNDP are taking samples of plants like this and will be finding out the nutrition and it's properties. Using science and technology to get a better perspective, and see potential ways to utilize the plants for benefit of the community. Exciting!!

If you see Apusaw... make sure to cook it before eating! the locals told me if you don't it will make your throat itchy!!

one day at a time, One unique plant dish at a time...

Oh, and you may be wondering? What happens after?

Well the DOST and UNDP utilize their resources to help the community learn more about the raw products they use for their innovations. Meanwhile, the community is helping the world around us by sharing incredible innovations that have been part of their lives! Thank you ATA MANOBO!

I am so humbled to be asked to be a part of this...

And truly excited for what the future holds for communities around the region.

power on!

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