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Benefits Of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

#1 The speed in which your money can be sent/received.
You can get your money to the recipient before  they even finish typing your name.
This is something that traditional banks do not offer.
#2 Bitcoin can be transferred from one currency to another,
anywhere in the world for a small fee.
This means there is no need for a third party, in order for the transfer to occur.
This is an advantage for those living in third world nations.
Which rely heavily on online banking.

#3 More financial privacy. You are not required to reveal your identity
when you transfer or trade with bitcoin.
#4 Decentralization; No central administration or authority.
The network is managed by a huge and diverse group of people
Which makes any rules that are put into place very difficult to change
#5 Security. To ensure the validity and integrity of transactions,
Bitcoin utilizes a private and public key cryptography.
#6 Transparency. Bitcoin is probably the world's most transparent payment network.
All transactions are public, traceable, and permanently recorded in the blockchain.

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