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Vote for Polkadot as Collateral Option on NEXO

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2 years ago

As some of you might know, NEXO is one of the leading crypto banks right now.

I personally prefer it over the others because it has more collateral options, pays daily interest, has many ISO certifications, and your deposits are backed with a $100 Million fund. 

If you are just holding your tokens on a Wallet or Exchange, you're making a terrible mistake. You MUST deposit some of it on NEXO. 🔥

When you deposit your digital assets in a crypto-bank, all of a sudden you have a credit line. Not only they will pay you interest daily for having your assets deposited, but now you have credit.

You don't have to sell your tokens if you need money or you could borrow money to reinvest and buy more Bitcoin.

To receive more benefits, you should hold their token: NEXO. Holders of the NEXO token are eligible to receive dividends and participate in the governance of the company, just like stocks. 

Information provided by GoinGecko

The NEXO token has been increasing a lot lately (+537.5% this year) and it is expected to continue rising because of its incredible business model.

For example last August 15, 2020, NEXO paid to the token holders the ASTONISHING amount of $6,128,000 USD!!! That's WAAAY more than many S&P companies. ✨

If you've never considered buying NEXO before, here's another great reason.

They recently launched a Loyalty Program, rewarding users with better Borrowing and Saving interests according to their % of NEXO tokens held in their account. According to their tokens, users can have a BASE, SILVER, GOLD, or PLATINUM level. 

 Not only you could receive dividends from the profits made by NEXO but you could also receive more interest on your deposited assets. Buy NEXO tokens if you want to increase your Loyalty Level and be more profitable.

For instance, being a Platinum member gives you the ability to borrow with an interest as low as 5.9% while receiving 6% (or 8% if deposited in NEXO) interest on your deposited assets! THIS IS INSANE!

They're actually paying you more than what they're charging you for interests on your loan! 😮

For this and many reasons, I use NEXO.

But lately, I've been in love with Polkadot! I've been buying and staking DOT and I find myself in the position of not being able to deposit these precious tokens on my crypto-bank. 

NEXO has a voting poll asking users to vote for the next crypto that should be added as a collateral option and I believe that our community should rally behind this and vote for Polkadot to be added as a collateral option on Nexo!

Let's all get behind this and vote for Polkadot!


Steps to vote for Polkadot on Nexo:

  • Once you scroll down, select "Polkadot" and then Vote Now.

  • A message like this will appear:

  • Click on Go to the Platform and log in to your account (If you don't have an account, please create one. I promise you won't regret it!)

  • After logging into your account, your vote will be counted as successful and this should appear:

  • TIP: Multiply your votes by 10 for holding at least 100 NEXO tokens in your account at the time of voting or during the 3 days following the submission of your vote (buy NEXO from Huobi Global)

  • UPDATE: It seems like if you try to access the website it doesn't appear. Please use the Nexo app once you register to record the vote (I voted from the app without issues but it's true that the website says Error 404 - Not found)


Why vote for Polkadot?

When you want to choose a collateral asset to deposit for a crypto-loan, you want that digital asset to be a reliable and proven project. Polkadot risen in popularity is not empty: it's proven useful and it is supported by an amazing group of developers.

Currently, Polkadot is the 4 largest cryptocurrency by market cap according to CMC:


Every other digital asset on this list is available as a collateral option on Nexo... Why wouldn't Polkadot also be on this list?

According to CoinGecko, Polkadot is a platform that allows diverse blockchains to transfer messages, including value, in a trust-free fashion; sharing their unique features while pooling their security. In brief, Polkadot is a scalable heterogeneous multi-chain technology.

Polkadot is a superb project and the market has been recognizing this lately with an increase of +268% in the last 30 days. It is heterogeneous because it is entirely flexible and makes no assumption about the nature or structure of the chains in the network. Even non-blockchain systems or data structures can become parachains if they fulfill a set of criteria.

That's it, folks! Please make sure to share this article with your community to make this possible and add Polkadot as a collateral option on Nexo!

Thanks to this amazing crypto-community for always supporting each other. 🙏🏻


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I have deposits in NEXO, is the daily interest compounded automatically?

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2 years ago

Yes. They compound automatically since the interests are deposited at midnight every day.

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2 years ago