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Best Crypto Memes of January 😂

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8 months ago

Ok, guys, you know the drill. 

As usual, we publish some of our best crypto memes from last month.



Even though we're in a pandemic, I'm the kind of person that always tries to look at the bright side of things.

I encourage you to do the same, even though if you bought BTC above $40k.

This hasn't been the best month but what we could expect after an enormous November and December.

We needed a pullback to create a new support level, and we go it!

I hope you bought the dip!!!


But it was a good end of the month for Crypto in general! 

Don't try to chase $DOGE and $XRP once they 🚀 but I know some of you probably did... Carry your bag with pride!

Because it always ends the same way...


Always remember that your enemy is FIAT!

Always trust what people do, not what they say! 


Because crypto will drop... and rise. And drop again. And rise again... It's just what it is!

People will tell you that you made a mistake but those are the same people that think 1% APY is amazing! 

 And we can't ever trust what it seems so obvious... Pfff Robinhood my *ss!!!

For the sake of your wife's bf, please DYOR!!!


Always remember, enjoy the ride fellas! 🎢




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8 months ago
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