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MyDefiPet Arena Is Coming: Thoughts About It And Things Needed For Better Game Experience.

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10 months ago

As a famous blockchain and NFT game and also formerly (personally) one of the top NFT games during the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2021, MyDefiPet is almost near in its completion for its awaited P2E feature - The Arena.

The game is somehow feels like a Play-To-Earn game because of their The Boss Fight event but the problem is that only players with lots of high level pets and high level spirits can earn a very good amount of tokens from the game while players with a very limited pets, especially those who invested in the game and mint their pets during the peak of the $DPET token, can only earn a few.

This is probably why people who only have few pets have been waiting very patiently for the release of the Arena Mode, hoping to really play the game and hopefully earn some tokens while playing and get back little by little their invested money.

MyDefiPet Arena Thriller Gameplay.

Few days ago, on January 19 2022, MyDefiPet Official Facebook account uploaded a 30-second video about how the Arena gameplay will be. And I can only say about it is... Thumbs down!

I don't mean that I am disappointed because its somehow comforting to know that there is an update about the new feature but I can only show frustration on how poorly the gameplay will be according to the video.

The gameplay shows that in order to play the Arena, you need at least 6 pets - 3 pets for attacking and 3 pets for defending.

It also shows that it will not be a skill-based game because players will only need to select pets, put it in the battlefield then watch and wait for the fight to end - it's almost like a click-to-earn game.

Here's the video link:

MyDefiPet Arena Thriller.

This is how the game will start. You need to select a pets for attacking and defending.

After selecting your pets and putting it in a battle, the system will just automatically let all the pets in the battlefield to fight each other.

Players will just need to wait for the battle to end or whose pets will die first and decides whose team won the game.

Thoughts And Recommendations.

I saw so many flaws in this game especially to the introduction of Arena Mode so I came up with a very important details that I hope will be added in the next update or when the Arena Mode is live.

No Rewards Every Game.

I noticed that the game only mentioned "Seasonal Rewards" and didn't says that every battle the players won in the Arena will be rewarded with a token.

The game only mentioned that players must win more trophies and ranked up higher to get a better seasonal rewards when the season ends - which is the duration of a season still unknown. If the season takes a month or two and no rewards for every Arena battle, then this game will have a doomed future.

Add The Pet's Skills And Make The Arena Mode Skill-based.

It's been almost a year already and every pets in the game still don't have their skills. This is probably the reason why the Arena will look like a click-to-earn game because the game looks like having difficulties to give each pets a unique skills needed when the game becomes skill-based gameplay.

Adding the pet's skills and making the Arena an skill-based game will surely make the game more exciting and fun. Because right now, according to the thriller, the game will just be in favor with players who have very high level pets.

People in the top leaderboard in The Boss Fight event will just probably be same people who will stand atop in the leaderboard of Arena - and that will not make the game fun and fair.

Add An Adventure Mode With Daily Quest And Rewards.

This may sound selfish but this is how the game should be. Whether or not the game will rewards players in every win the Arena, they should make a secondary option to earn in the game that will probably make players who's not that competitive in the game to be fortunate.

Not all players will really enjoy grinding, battling in the Arena and get more trophies. Some will just probably open the game, finish the daily the quest for rewards and then goes on to their lives outside the game.

Adding the Adventure Mode will really make the game more attractive with other options for fun and exciting game.

Final Say.

Those ideas mentioned above was not just speculation, it is a possibility.

MyDefiPet might be slow in progress but I have feelings that this game will probably bloom this year. Hopefully, Arena Mode will be lived few days/weeks from now and Adventure Mode will be here too anytime soon.

All we need is more patience. In time, our patience will be paid off.

Image from: MyDefiPet Fb Account.


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Written by   178
10 months ago
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Guess it will be cute n exciting game n good luck, hope u will win in it po

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10 months ago

Hehe sana maganda nga ang laro tsaka pwede din magpa iskolar dito ma'am haha

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10 months ago