When You Stop Writing for AI

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There’s nothing wrong about adhering to search engine and big business rules on your quest to growing your company and making more money, however, if you want to connect with humans on a deeper level, you better start magnetizing the spirit and stop writing for AI.

Can you actually combine the two aka write for humans and AI at the same time?

Well, I don’t think this is mutually exclusive, however, it does get harder by the day as human consciousness evolves and people start waking up to the multi-layered insanity and nonsense we live in.

Some of the old marketing adages such as attract the right folks and position yourself strategically have increased in relevance, yet we experience a shift in how participants in the market (feel free to label them to your liking as buyers, users, clients, customers, you name it) perceive and interact with the world around them.

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about cherishing, cheering and consciously selling victimhood on social media, which seems to have become a proven technique that enables players to dominate the space and feed the ego.

More importantly, I’m referring to using words and your writing skills as a powerful marketing tool that quickly cuts through the dense fog of mindless chatter and bonds you to those who want, need and desire your expertise, as well as value your experience and know-how most.

Twisting the Narrative

What story shapes your writing? Does SEO, SMO and similar terms cloud your frontal lobe pushing you towards writing a specific type of article you wouldn’t otherwise consider? Do you let the inner world guide you in the process of expressing yourself?

Keyboard sports has become highly competitive. Mainstream journalists are at the forefront of this discipline mesmerizing their readers’ minds with a cocktail of information that seems to have emerged from a sophisticated mixer or a spoiled new age vacuum cleaner.

Those who’re not paying close attention to what’s being unraveled in front of their very eyes, won’t notice that underneath the cleverly designed roof there’s no house or pillars to hold onto. Statements, facts and stats are tweaked to support the xyz narrative while the copywriting has reached a ridiculously low level.

If these are the kind of posts you’re fed by AI, chances are your tentacles are entrapped in a realm that is pretty well controlled. To break free from this prison, one needs to pro-actively turn inwards and tap into those unwavering sources of inspiration, intuition and inner strength.

Avoiding the AI Trap

Let’s turn to the latest quantum physics discoveries and consider this realm we live in as a well-crafted illusion of the mind. If what we experience is nothing more than a projection of our inner world, meaning our thoughts, emotions and feelings, than why is fear-mongering deployed to convince the mainstream hive of a possible AI cataclysm?

We have forgotten how powerful we are. We can use our minds to create beautiful things and live a healthy, wealthy and blissful life filled with pure love. No matter how evolved and superconscious the next generation AI will be, nothing beats the human spirit and that is a good thing.

Therefore it’s up to us whether we continue to write for algorithms developed by corporations, trust them with our precious data and behavioral patterns in order to rank higher on some randomly coded website directories tricking us into believing this is what matters most or we can turn our focus onto writing for a species that seems to be trapped in a maze that needs to be awaken to its unwavering power.

Those who are courageous enough to cleverly use AI while sharpening their writing skills to appeal to a rather sophisticated human mind will likely stay ahead of the game. Those who are writing to entertain the masses will likely compete and lose against an upgraded AI that feeds from the ever evolving data bases.

Whether you’re a writer, reader or both, we all have a choice to make. Decide wisely.


Originally published on my blog at StrengthInBusiness.com.

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