The Pattern (Original Poetry)

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11 months ago

A crystal clear voice in the back of my mind
Nobody else could hear it but me
Frictionless, repetitive and counter-intuitive so I thought
Turns out it laid dormant all along.
Paying attention requires responsibility
A choice only few are willing to take
Heightened awareness rewards the brave
Leaving no space for doubt
Boldness has never been so intriguing.

A belief system that distinguishes winners
Activated by perseverance and vigilance
Molded into a pattern of uniqueness
Funneling willpower into a dilettante.
Insisting on a black and white paradigm
Is balm for the amateur mind
Interrupting habits, routines and rituals
Creating space for the upheaval
To conquer what’s left behind.
Can you hear the ether calling
A battle led by the forces of light
Beyond space and time.
Nothing is as it used to be
A clogged up illusion desperately asking for help
Waking up humanity for the much needed change.
Complexity and sophistication
Hidden behind a multi-layered veil
Carefully designed to keep you asleep
Floating in tedious dignity
Wrapped as comfort and care.

~ Krisz Rokk ~


Creative art by Daniela S. via Midjourney

Originally published on the Hive blockchain @KriszRokk.

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