See You On The Other Side (Fiction)

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8 months ago
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Mark was done with the corporate world. He spent the last twenty precious years of his life working for a global multinational company. Logistics, supply chain, shipping and organizing various size trucks to unload and upload goods was his daily job and he absolutely loved it. It’s all he ever dreamed about since he was a child. He used to swap football cards for toy trucks and when he got older, he took all the money he earned from mowing the neighbors lawn to attend various truck shows.

He used to love waking up early in the morning and greet the truck drivers on his way to the office. Everyone knew and loved Mark. More so, his wife’s Christmas cookies were everyone’s favorite. As soon as the first snowflakes hit the valley, Mark kept being reminded about the delicious homemade goodies his wife was always preparing.

Unlike most corporate entities, the atmosphere amongst the employees was very good. As a lot of the team members were from nearby towns, the connections felt familiar and real. Then one day everything changed.

A big merger took place and the company was incorporated into an even bigger enterprise that was solely interested in profits. Less than six months later, half of the staff was sent home and the remaining half was left to do all the work. The wages obviously, stayed the same.

All these changes took a toll on Mark. He could barely wake up in the morning to go to work. The job lost its appeal and so did the company he previously loved to work for. Staying in the current environment for another twenty years was not an option. So he quit and started his own small business.

When you leave a cosy job with corporate benefits and change the playing field, things shake up a bit. Being an entrepreneur and running your own business is a whole different game. But Mark was up to the challenge. For him switching sides was no longer optional but a mere necessity.

So what do you do when you embark on the other side with Mark’s skills, experience and know-how?

How about opening a small retail store with fresh produce from local farmers?

That’s exactly what Mark did. Not only that, but he integrated a small bakery too where his wife could sell her fluffy homemade pastries, cakes and cookies.

Mark’s story resonates with a lot of unhappy and unfulfilled big business and big bank employees. Some choose to stay in the game despite the frustration and lack of joy due to fear. Others over-emphasize the importance of money, a fancy company car, a chic office or the significance that is derived from a certain title and deliberately choose to stay on the treadmill for another round.

And than there are those with minds of steel who want to play a different game in life, one where bliss, purpose, health and legacy aren’t tradeable.

Pay attention to the small details in life. If left unnoticed, these can knock you out of balance and push you in a spot you might not want to be.

Play with life and let life play with you.

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Creative art: AI-generated image by Daniela S. via Midjourney

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8 months ago
Topics: Life, Story, Fiction, Writing, Thoughts, ...