Escaping (Original Poetry)

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3 months ago
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Trapped in a cube
with no door to exit,
no windows to breathe fresh air in
and no books for the spirit
he was left fighting
the toughest battle
of the century.
Years would pass by without notice
yet he never gave up
on his most important practice:
monitoring his thoughts
and not letting anything slip by
without his full knowledge.
A heightened awareness
always underestimated by his colleagues
he now had the time to finally
unleash his power within,
to sharpen his mental skills
and develop new belief systems
that would propel him towards bliss.
He started forming new thinking patterns,
developing empowering habits and
preparing himself beforehand
for a brand new life without culprits.
An unstoppable human being
with a heart like a magnet
and a brilliant mind
ready to receive
a magical gift.
A transformation so deep
opening up a vacuum
while he was asleep
that would truly benefit him
escape this ephemeral prison
he found himself in.
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Creative art: AI-generated image by Daniela S. via Midjourney

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It's interesting and nice poem

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