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The princess

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One that was the princess. To look like the particles of the moon. Impossibly beautiful! What will happen if the princess is so beautiful, she is very arrogant. The king has arranged for him a variety of flowers and orchards. Flowers bloom like stars in the garden. The chirping of countless birds on the fruit-bending tree. And there is a pond right in the middle of the garden. Gold handle, silver staircase, brass patterned pond. Fish of various colors and swan in the pond. The princess comes to the garden every day and walks around. He talks to flowers and fruits. Then he sat in the pond and talked with the colored fish and ducks. What is the princess talking about?

All that the princess says is the arrogance of her form. He says to the flower, is there any comparison between my form and your form? I am the goddess of beauty. When I come to the garden, no one looks back at you.

You will spread your petals every day and make my way. I will walk on your soft petals. And at the touch of my feet you will become more beautiful. Your life will be blessed. The princess says this to the fruit of the garden, the tree and the bird. He rushed to the pond. The princess went up the stairs to the water and sat down. He sees himself in the clear water. He is fascinated by her appearance and says to the duck and the fish, no matter how many colorful feathers and colors you have on your body, will you ever be as beautiful as me? Never!

Don't think I'm talking to you, you're close to me. The farther the sun is from you, the farther you are from me. When I come to this pond again, the water of the pond will rise and make me take a bath. You will be able to say with pride all your life, a beautiful princess who has touched us and walked away, whose form is unmatched.

O lucky water of the pond, as far as you are clear, it is because of me. I sit here and wash my feet, saying that you have become as clear as a mirror in the touch of my form. When I come again and take a bath in your bosom, you will be the most fortunate and precious water. The water in which I bathe will not be just water; It will be Rupdhoya water, the water that the girls of the state can use to become Ruposhi. Wow, what a wonderful luck you have! They were very upset to hear these words of the arrogant princess.

The princess has reached the age of marriage. The marriage proposal of the princess is coming from all the surrounding states. The princes are mad when they hear about the appearance of the princess. But the word of the princess's arrogance also goes to the princes. And in this they turn away. The astrologers of the royal court, hearing of the arrogance of the form of the princess, tell the bridegroom about the marriage. If not with form, then quality, in that form, the state is murdered. No other prince was interested in marrying her, hearing of the princess's impossible arrogance. The talk of marriage stopped.

After a while. The prince of a distant kingdom, knowing the arrogance of the princess, sent a marriage proposal. Everyone is surprised and says, what a prince! Knowingly sent the marriage proposal? The princess jumped in the joy and ran to the garden to speak her mind. As soon as he went to the garden, he stopped. The same! Why this state of the garden! Where are the flowers? Where is the fruit? Where are the birds? The flowering trees all stand like dry sticks. The fruits of the tree have dried up and fallen to the ground. There are no birds chirping in the garden. The princess ran to the pond. No, not even a drop of water. The floor of the pond has burst and turned into a toilet. And the shiny ghats have become dirty. The princess began to cry with grief. He looks around again and again feeling bored. A feeling of sadness everywhere. The garden has been transformed into a lifeless faded wasteland! The princess returned to the palace with difficulty. The prince has arrived. The princess glanced through the window and liked the prince. As beautiful as the body is. The princess fell in love with the prince. The princess's mind becomes better. With joy in her heart, the princess vowed that if she had to get married, she would marry this prince - and no one else. The prince is not only beautiful and has a good body, but he is also very wise and intelligent. The prince said, I like to see the princess. I heard that there is a beautiful flower garden and a paved pond for the princess. I want to see the princess's favorite garden and pond. Hearing this on the prince's face, the princess's chest throbbed. Everyone's face is dry wood. Everyone was ashamed. How will this dead garden and dried up pond look like? What will the prince think? But there is no way without showing. Finally the prince went around to see the garden and the pond. Just the impression of suffering all around. The prince feels that the flower-fruit-bird-duck-fish-water is hidden under the ground in pride, unable to bear the cruel pain of the princess's arrogance. The prince returned to the palace. Talking about the date of the wedding, the prince said that the day the flowers bloom in the princess' garden, bear fruit, the birds sing happily, and the ducks and fish play in the pond, that is the day our wedding will take place. Way now? The princess doesn't know why the flowers have fallen, the fruits have dried up, the birds are not singing, there is no water in the pond, why?

After much thought, at one point the princess realized the whole thing. Then the battle of conscience with passion began inside the princess. Good fights evil. The battle of love with arrogance. In the end all arrogance to love was crushed. The melody of truth and love resounded inside the princess. The princess ran to the garden. There he knelt down, grabbed a dried flower, and broke down in tears. He pleaded, "Look, arrogance has made me inhuman." I have made many mistakes, I have hurt you a lot. I'm sorry. I'm in a lot of trouble. You all forgive me. Tears in his eyes. The princess wept and looked up to see the tree full of flowers and fruits. The flowers are shaking their heads in the light air and congratulating the princess. The princess's face shone with joy. Then he went to the pond. As soon as he stood there, the pond was filled with clear water. Ducks and fishes are eating loot with joy when they see the arrogant princess. Everything seems to be alive as before. The princess is toggling with joy. The princess got married in a grand ceremony. Going to the garden, the prince tore the flower and put it on the princess's hut and said, now you look more beautiful. The princess was also happy and said to the prince, if you want to look more beautiful, let's go to the pond. Shaking off the pride, with a book of love, the princess left for her father-in-law's house. They are very happy.

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Written by   64
1 year ago
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