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Did you know that the first metal detector was used to find bullets impacted in a president?

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That's right. On July 2, 1881, at the Washington train station, the American president James Abram Garfield, was wounded by impact of two bullets, by the lawyer Charles Jules Guiteau, who was upset about labor issues.

The wounds were not fatal, but his clinical evolution did not last many days.

The doctors did not perform an adequate surgical procedure, trying to find one of the bullets, they transformed a small wound into a larger complicated injury.

Unable to locate the bullet, the Scottish scientist and inventor, Alexander Graham Bell, collaborated in the case by creating a rudimentary metal detector.

It was unsuccessful, since it could not locate the bullet either, due to the interference caused by the springs of the mattress where the president was.

On September 6, James Garfield was transferred to Long Branch (New Jersey).

Despite a supposed recovery, the president died on the 19th of the same month, at the age of 49, due to internal bleeding and infection.

This rudimentary Bell metal detector was the first detector and the model from which other manufacturers were inspired.

The first patent granted to a metal detector manufacturer was to Gerhard Fisher in 1925, who years later began to sell them commercially.

Little by little, they evolved, and in the 50's, other manufacturers like Garrett or White's joined, those who knew how to position in time, their name and personal brand, both for the quality of their equipment and for their legendary history.

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