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Some ways to earn crypto without dying in the attempt

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7 months ago

I want to mention that earning cryptocurrencies on the web is not a simple task, there are thousands of websites that teach you how to generate cryptocurrencies, but honestly I don't think you will make more than 1 dollar a day, I simply want to write a post that will reveal what I do to earn cryptocurrencies and what I have in mind.

Have you ever known the great SOLANA (SOL) ecosystem? I want to mention this article mentioning this ecosystem, simply because I have been interested in specializing in decentralized social networks in this world of cryptocurrencies for some time now, the more you learn the more money you will earn and of course, you also have to work very hard to make a good profit in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Buy cryptocurrencies and hold them over time.

Buying a cryptocurrency and holding it over time can be very profitable, you don't even know how much you can earn with just $5, I have heard many cases of people who have become millionaires with just $300 well invested in cryptocurrencies, this business model is very simple and it's all about holding a cryptocurrency over time.

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The famous PTC's

I really don't like to talk about this because it is simply a waste of time guys and I tell you with all my heart, do not waste your time on this, although I should not judge these platforms because I have heard rumors that good platforms have come out and many are earning good money with this, always taking into account that there are people in need and that a stable income is welcome.

Although when I was a little younger I spent my time solving captcha and with that I got a stable income to be able to buy things for young people.

Writing about cryptocurrencies.

This is my favorite part because if we like this writing we can generate good income in cryptocurrencies doing what we like, for example, my person is passionate about cryptocurrencies and I love to write in, this is a tribe guys and I highly recommend it to generate income.

We also have web sites such as:

  • Steemit

  • Blurt

  • Publish0x

  • Bitclout

  • Diamondapp

  • Overclout




I always spend my time researching these decentralized social networking topics because I started to like the "post-to-earn" world.


Can we generate a salary in cryptocurrencies?

It's a great question guys and honestly I have been researching if this can be possible and the answer is yes we can, I still have a lot of research to do but I am very excited about this salary thing, not so much post-to-earn but to be honest I do like this world. I have done some reading in the last few hours and it seems to me that the best website for this is Coinality guys.

This of having a salary in cryptocurrencies is something very similar to being a freelancer, I can see that in these websites you can provide your services as a graphic designer for example and you can be rewarded with cryptocurrencies.

A screenshot taken from my computer from this website.

Is cryptocurrency arbitrage profitable?

We all know that the cryptocurrency world is decentralized and we can go from one exchange to another and buy cheap and sell expensive, because that's what cryptocurrency arbitrage is all about, honestly I don't see it as profitable unless we make a profit of at least 0.25% a day guys.

Very soon I will be talking about this as it can be something very interesting, another thing to keep in mind when we want to earn cryptocurrencies is to always keep them saved and know how to invest in them, always when I write articles similar to this one I recommend to invest wisely your money.

See you in the next installment!

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Written by   30
7 months ago
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The best of all is that the crypto market is still virgin, we can say that we are pioneers in this market that continues to grow. So our advantage is that, if we make long-term investments, in that time the market will be bigger and our profits will be too. Good post!

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7 months ago

It's great to see so many projects like this appearing. It's an exciting step to giving creators full autonomy over their work. This for me is where we start to see the true value of the blockchain technology. Theoretically it has the potential to change how news is distributed, as only quality content (should) gets rewarded. Therefore creating an incentive for creators to put the quality and research into their work.

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7 months ago