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How to earn cryptocurrencies while writing?

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7 months ago

Nowadays Blockchain technology has been incorporated into blogs and other platforms where we can write our content and earn some extra cryptocurrencies.

That nowadays is totally possible, would you like to know a little more about how to earn cryptocurrencies writing? then, this article is for you!



One of the digital platforms that I like the most to generate income is "", in hive we have many tribes and that is excellent for our writing tastes and to earn extra cryptocurrencies, that is, if you like computer science, in hive there are many computer science communities, I currently write in leofinance. io because I like its content and much more its interface and the people behind the project, it's something I love guys being totally honest, currently the market is very bearish and that means that we should not sell cryptocurrencies, but buy them.

In the hive you can meet many people to help you in your process.


In we can earn extra cryptocurrencies by copying the same content that we copied in and earn BCH (Bitcoin Cash) in return, sometimes many people get discouraged because they simply do not receive cryptocurrencies in return in their first steps and it should not be so, we must be consistent with publications of more than 600 words and put bold, italics and some photos, I always put 3 photos or sometimes I put only 2 photos in each publication and that has worked for me.

You can withdraw through many cryptocurrencies.

I usually withdraw from Binance in XRP (Monero) or withdraw to hive-engine through Bitcoin cash (BCH) and it has worked for me, always remember to put the corresponding network guys.



In publish0x we can generate income in various cryptocurrencies, it is something very entertaining because we can also copy and paste the content we write in, ie: We write from and then copy in and then in publish0x.

In publish0x we can also send tips to other users when we finish reading their publications and that is something that catches my attention.

You have to keep in mind that you have to submit an application to become an author and then wait to be approved.

Noise.Cash can be easily said that it is like a decentralized twitter where we can put fractions of tweets and earn some extra BCH, we must be constant on the platform, I recently read something related to the activities on the platform, the more we are active the system will give us some extra rewards.

We should also donate something of what we earn at least 10%.

I hope this has been of great help guys.

I want to mention that I am investigating many more platforms to generate income writing under the same pseudonym.

See you guys next time.

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Written by   30
7 months ago
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