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How does the Bitcoin Blockchain work?

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Many of us want to invest in the Bitcoin Blockchain but we really don’t know if we can do it in the right way, to invest in the Bitcoin Blockchain we have to keep in mind that we can find a lot of scams guys and that’s what worries me the most about this because we can simply lose our money in a matter of seconds if we make a bad investment guys and I’m really worried about it, I’m sure most people don’t want to lose their money because they work hard to get their day to day money and today I want to make a brief guide on how we can invest in the Bitcoin Blockchain.

What is the Bitcoin Blockchain?

The Bitcoin Blockchain is something very similar to Hive Blockchain guys, but in this case I have been researching and in the Bitcoin Blockchain I could not find DApps that ensure earn cryptocurrencies as we can do in Hive Blockchain guys and this is simply because this type of technology is focused more on mining to a very different case than other Blockchain, I would like to mention that the Bitcoin ecosystem is more focused on creating networks in which we can get benefits for its use, like for example “Lightning Network (LN)” which is focused on the Bitcoin movement and how we can make transactions without paying commissions guys.

What are the limitations of the Bitcoin Blockchain?

Currently there are many limitations at the professional level and at the level of entrepreneurship guys, an example to explain this is that in Hive Blockchain we can play or write and earn free cryptocurrencies, an example of this is LeoFinance guys in which we can earn free cryptocurrencies writing in our blog, the same does not happen with the Bitcoin Blockchain, although there are hundreds of Decentralized Applications (DApps) the only way to create a block in the Bitcoin Blockchain is with mining guys.

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Written by   25
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