Blockchain & Centralization: New World Coming Soon (Decentralization)

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Since the arrival of Bitcoin many people have been involved in a big debate about the decentralization of payments and anonymity, actually talking about decentralization is almost the same as talking about anonymity, but this is not absolutely true because simply blockchain technology is decentralized, but it is not all anonymous, for example, when you make a payment in Bitcoin you are possibly exposing your IP address and that is really very true when we talk about centralization many times you have to expose your KYC and that is really very true, in many cases companies sell your personal information to profit from your personal information and that is really serious.

Another very important point is that Blockchain technology has allowed users to be more and more united and committed to a platform, for example, Leofinance is a community in Hive and currently, I can say that it is the most active in Hive and that's really great because there are many token holders and it is really nice to have these large decentralized communities where each user contributes value to the blockchain and every time we are more people who contribute value and commitment to Leofinance.

Why Leofinance may be the best crypto community in the future?

I should mention that Leofinance is a community that has a large user base and that we must continue to provide value and above all commitment so that investments are safe and stand the test of time, many people wonder why cryptocurrency dapps or perhaps NFT games die over time and this is simply because there is decentralization when a dapp has a little user base and those few users do not provide commitment then the platform can become a bit risky.

I want to explain something that can really be to your liking when there are many users on a platform providing value, writing, playing, and above all investing in the token, the tokenomics of the project can become very stable and that's what we really want to keep everything running smoothly, but there are also decentralized blockchains, that is, for all the platforms (dapps) to keep running there should be a lot of web servers (validator nodes) when these validator nodes are turned off, then the blockchain stops working, for example, these validator nodes in Hive we can call them "tokens".


From my point of view things that are really decentralized and with a large user base can last a whole century and even all mankind, so I wanted to write this article for many people to realize that it is really worth a little research on the subject, for example, if in a platform (dapp) there is a large number of users writing, playing or investing, Another very important point is that simple when we want to make sure that a platform (dapp) is reliable we must verify the amount of money that moves per day, the number of users and verify if it is in a decentralized blockchain.

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