The anime industry against political correctness

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Greetings friends, today we are going to talk about a topic that has had a considerable impact on the anime industry, because what is currently considered politically correct a few years ago was not, and even the idea of ​​what is politically correct it differs in the East as well as in the West; so the anime industry has had to adapt to these changes which for most fans have been absurd and it goes without saying that even unnecessary; so today we will analyze this concept within the medium of anime and manga, so without further ado let's start.

Defining parameters

Before starting to talk about the repercussions of what is politically correct in the media, it is necessary to define its meaning, since this concept can not only be used in a media but also within a community or even in a single individual since a A person who is governed by what is politically correct is one who takes into account the values ​​of all human groups and avoids any possible discrimination or offense against them for reasons of sex, political ideology, religion, race, and a long etcetera that ranges from way of dressing up to disproportionate love for some material good.

For what clarified that we can give us an idea of ​​how this concept has influenced within the medium of anime, since sometimes for wanting to comply with the parameters of this concept the productions of many works choose to lighten their content so that it is better received. by the general public, especially if it is planned to be exported to the West, since, as previously mentioned, the politically correct guidelines in the East differ considerably from those in the West.

Wrongly globalizing

At this point it is evident where the problem lies; however, an extremely important question arises here: How is it possible that something that arises on one side of the world ends up having repercussions on the other end of it? Well, ladies and gentlemen, the answer is very simple, although very extensive, since everything is due to the growing globalization that exists today, since if we take a brief look at the past, about a century or so ago, we can realize that each continent really only saw for itself; and then on the other hand in recent times everyone wants to be aware of everything.

And it is precisely for this reason that the anime industry has been affected, since if we remember before, most of the animated productions offered by the industry were quite liberal and handled concepts and ideals that are considered controversial today, however Those types of elements were part of its charm and it was what initially guaranteed the success of many franchises such as Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball or even Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Should inclusion be mandatory in the anime industry?

It should also be noted that the entire concept of political correctness has been fragmented into many other concepts, one of the most notorious of which is undoubtedly that of «inclusion» since many works sometimes choose to include inclusive themes in favor of this same one, and although there are cases where the result is positive and well received by the public in general, such as the case of Koe no Katachi, there are also occasions where the result is not the desired one, such as the case of Citrus, a series that really is a jewel of the anime but that was not well received, and especially by the female audience.

The point of all this is that just as the issue of "inclusion" begins to feel forced within the medium, the concept of political correctness also begins, since, as has been mentioned throughout this post, many works decide to alter their content in favor of these parameters in order to reach more public, and although the idea seems promising, in the end the results will determine the opposite.

Like old times

And even with everything mentioned above, I have to say that there is something positive in the face of so many attempts to limit anime because just as it happened in the times of "Prohibition" today we experience something similar with anime, because when a series becomes trend thanks to how controversial or controversial it could become, it ends up becoming something positive since it ends up attracting people outside the medium, and therefore generates even more popularity than other series, such as the case of Death Note.

Open to opinions

And with this we end this analysis, which was quite quick and simple because to talk about this concept in detail, a podcast would be needed. In any case, as consumers of this medium, what do you think about this topic? Leave us your opinions in the comments; Before I say goodbye, I want to remind you that most of the series that were mentioned can be found on Crunchyroll

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