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Want to be Successful? Stop the Blame Game

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1 month ago

You want to make money right?

Who wouldn’t want to?

But what are have you done and still doing to make money? Money can’t just fall on your lap, you’ve to go after it. If you’re not currently doing anything to make money or add another source of income to your not enough salary, you’ve to get up and make a move. Just don’t focus on only what others are doing, going a step further and do what they aren’t doing – the hard thing that others run away from.

Don’t just sit at home with no job or complain about small salary – finger-pointing others (that wicked neighbor is the cause of my misfortunes), the environment (Nigeria is a bad country, if I was in USA I would’ve been rich) or the government (for not providing employment or increase workers salary).

Don’t blame others or “your village people” for your situation. That’s not the mentality of someone who wants to become successful in life.

Successful people refuse to go through life finger-pointing and making excuses. They are pro-active instead of reactive, moving forward toward their goals and dreams and taking responsibility for every step of the journey.


Adam was one chief blamer.

After he ate the forbidden apple from Eve and God asked him what happened, he said; “The woman you gave me…”

Instead of him to own his sh!t and apologize he blamed God and Eve. The single act that brought us to our current state.

This is what most of us do. We tend to shift the blame on the environment, our friends, our parents, village people, and the government just to make us feel better.

When you blame others you give up your power to change. ~Robert Anthony

Answering these questions honestly could help you determine if you’re playing the blame game.

  • Do you focus a lot on the past instead of looking toward the future?

  • Do you use other people’s irresponsible behaviour to justify your own?

  • Do you believe life is unfair and often feel sorry for yourself?

  • Do you view negative occurrences in your life as being out of your control? Do you see yourself as a victim?

  • Do you feel powerless to change anything in your life for the better?


If your most of your answers to the above questions are ‘yes’ then know that you are playing the blame game. To be successful, you need to change and start taking responsibilities for the outcome of your actions. You’ve to

  • Identify the things in your life that you’re not happy about, and do something to change them.

  • Take smart risks, and realize that you are responsible for the outcomes.


Whatever happens to you in the nearest future just know that you designed it to happen that way.

Keep in mind that every bad decision won’t just affect you, it will affect every person connected to you – your family, friends, and anyone you influence.

To avoid generational staggering in all spheres of life especially in your finances, you need to get up and stand tall for those coming behind you. If not history will keep repeating itself until a person decide to break the chain of financial limitation. That person can be you.

The blame game format is an archaic system that you should deviate from to save your generations and generations to come. Learn to take responsibility for your life and your business. Stopping making excuses for not being successful and do something about it.

Don’t play the blame game.

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Written by   56
1 month ago
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Many of us blame the government for employment whereas we should go out to acquire a skill that would help us succeed. The government are doing theirs and you shouldn't keep giving excuses and work on yourself to make success. Blaming others only make you weak and lazy.

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1 month ago

Actually its our biggest problem that instead accepting our fault,we try to put the blame on others or by blaming the destiny. Nothing is permanent all we need is the hardwork and consistency to achieve our desired goals.Nothing could be done with just planing, we need to do a practical work.

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1 month ago

Yeah. Its quite common to blame everyone else instead of accepting the fault. On the other side of the idiom... "You can't force a horse to drink the water." Anyone can bring you to a situation, but your action is your responsibility.

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1 month ago

We have to learn to take responsibility for the outcome of our actions and inactions.

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1 month ago