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The Starving Crowd

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1 month ago

It's not so what you lack that will slow you down, it's what you have but do not know how to use. Everything you need to take the next step is right there with or within you.

Have you seen people who are very skillful and still broke.

Yes I have. I was even one of them.

There must be a period where you get rewarded for your skills, talents and ideas- in cash or kind.

One reason you do not earn from your ability is that you have not made a product or service from it. People applaud you and that's all about it.

In his book, Small Business, Big Money, Honorable Akin Alabi tells the story of the late Gary Halbert who often begins his marketing seminars with the question;

What special advantage will you ask from God to outdo your competitors if you were to go into the restaurant business?

The answers poured in; the perfect location, a great recipe, best staff and the likes. While these are valid, Gary reveals that what they need the most is a starving crowd.

The idea behind the starving crowd is that they are ever willing and ready to buy from you!

Did you catch the revelation?

With a starving crowd, the next step is to develop a product.

After discovering your gifts, you must convert them into products or services that solve a specific problem

Do not hurry to do everything all at once. Few people succeed that way. Master your one thing until you become an authority in that field.

Now, to create a product, you need to ask yourself some soul searching questions. Ready?

  • What is my gift?

  • Where do I display flawless competence?

  • What problem does my gift solve?

  • What product can I turn it to?

  • What is the pain point(s) of my would-be customers?

  • What do that need?

  • Where are they located?

  • What makes me special?

  • How much do they earn?

  • How will they find me?

  • These Questions are not Rhetorical!

Answer them in your notebook or notepad. As candid as possible, answer them.

Afterwards take action. In action lies your breakthrough.

Hey folks. I have been away for quite a while. What have I missed?

I've been going through a lot of challenges and there were lots of demons to fight. I have fought my demons and came out victorious but back to the bottom.

Its time to rebuild, so I'm back to continue from where I stopped and also improve in my activities on the platform.

This is my first post since 2 months or so. I hope made even a little sense. I hope it wasn't too rusty.

I'm back and I will try to be as active as possible. Publishing my posts and engaging with others.

I hope Rusty still recognizes me. Well, guess I've to hit the publish button to find.

I look forward to your support.

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Written by   68
1 month ago
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