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Waiting for Net Filecoin Play 15 October 2020

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If nothing gets in the way, playing net Filecoin (FIL), which focuses on Interplanetary File System (IPFS) technology, is ready to launch on October 15 2020 in block 148,888. Indonesian citizens can still participate in owning FIL crypto assets by purchasing FILT2 tokens via this link.

The Filecoin project is not really a new project. Its ICO, which ended in September 2017, managed to raise funds from the public of up to US $ 250 million. This achievement exceeded expectations, namely US $ 40 million.

A number of well-known investors are involved in the ICO, including Winklevoss Capital, Digital Currency Group and Y Combinator President Sam Altman, Union Square Ventures to Sequoia Capital.

According to the ICO contract at that time, FIL crypto assets as an aspect of value in the system would be distributed when the Filecoin project succeeded in advancing to the main net. The contract is known as Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFT).

The plan to play the net has been postponed several times, until August 2020 it has been confirmed that it will enter the main net stage, a stage before FIL crypto assets will be traded on a number of exchanges, including Gemini owned by the Winklevoss Twins.

The technology was developed by Protocol Labs, led by Juan Benet, who is also known as the founder of the project, used by a number of parties for free since 2015.

Filecoin's main project, IPFS, allows you to store data in a decentralized and peer-to-peer manner, without relying on a central entity.

In simple terms, this system is the opposite of a data storage system, such as Google Drive or DropBox. The specifications for the Filecoin system can be found here.

If Google Drive relies heavily on the central system by Google as a company, then the IPFS system by Filecoin depends on anyone, whether an individual or an organization, who wants to use their own computer to share into the system.

So, in a Filecoin system, you can set aside some free space on your computer's hard drive to store files / data from other parties, which are ready to be "shared". For that service, you will get a reward in the form of a Filecoin (FIL) crypto asset.

IPFS technology is predicted to change the way content creators distribute information, because it is cheaper and ensures data is always available, while preventing data duplication.

In addition, IPFS technology will later serve as an alternative or improvement to the Content Delivery Network (CDN) system, which functions to send content from the server to a website. IPFS-based CDNs will be able to further increase the speed of sending data over the server network to visitors from the closest possible location.

Head for the Main Net

This moment to play the net is also considered important and the most awaited, at least by the community and all Filecoin ecosystems (more than 300 derivative projects and 1000 developers) that use Filecoin technology.

Since August 2020 he has also made a number of important achievements, including of course the test net version network which can be accessed here.

“Over the next few weeks, the Filecoin community will enter the network before the take-off stage, namely Mainnet Liftoff. This pre-takeoff stage, namely Mainnet Ignition, provides an opportunity for the community to recognize, learn about, prepare their system including optimizing a number of implementations, "said the Filecoin team on its official website.

The Filecoin team also mentioned that Main net Filecoin will officially start on the 148,888 epoch / block.

"We estimate the block will occur around October 15, 2020. And after a few days, we will hold an official celebration to play the net starting October 19-23, 2020," said the Filecoin Team.

As of September 2020 Filecoin claims to have involved around 400 miners involved in the “Space Race” testnet phase.

The data capacity used has also increased by more than 325 pebibytes. That is the equivalent of seven times the total written work of mankind that has ever been written in all languages.

Asset Distribution

Approximately 3.5 million FIL will be distributed in advance to participants in the Space Race testnet phase. Later, this FIL will be used as a tool to buy and sell online storage, including in exchange for miners.

Although the FIL launch has not yet been held, investors in many countries are already preparing to own FIL crypto assets by purchasing FILT2 tokens.

This FILT2 token is a type of "IOU token" whose value is the same as FIL. It is used during the transition to the main net, after the main net, until later it is traded on various crypto asset exchanges. So, when FIL has entered the market, FILT2 can be exchanged into FIL.

To be able to participate in having FILT2, you can access the Blox IPFS service, which is managed by Blotocol from Japan.

According to Blotocol's statement to, in order to participate in having FILT2 tokens, funds equivalent to US $ 128 are required.

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