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Tips how to care your child when sick.

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4 months ago

Its very so worrying when your child has an illness even if it's only a viral infections or an a severe illness from any hazardous bacterial infections. Because its really so expensive to have a child that sick in your house and sometimes you don't know what to do and what is the safety first aid method to comfort and take good cares of them hers some tips how to properly care a sick child.

  • Step #1 always clean your child's body, like you wipe all the body with a wet cloth from a tap water don't use any hot water because it can't help to cool down the body temperature of them.

  • Always change your child clothes to light dress or sleeveless too and wear them a shorts only cotton texture clothes. To feel them fresh and cool.

  • You have to focus from their body temperature check from time to time until the fever don't go down. To avoid the convulsions from a high fever temperature.

  • Let them eat a soft foods like soups , but its advisable to make chicken soup because it has an antibiotics property and can make you more healthy and stronger because of the nutritional value of chicken.

  • Give them fruits and vegetables even a little especially oranges, or citrus kinds of fruits to add some more vitamins c to fight more the body infections.

  • Let the child sleep and rest as long as they can but make sure that their tummy has a food to eaten or i mean not hungry.

  • Clean always their linens and blankets or all the stuff in the beds to avoid spreading of the illnesses or virus.

  • If it's very infectious let the child have an isolation room for her but make sure has a good fresh air from the window of the room.

  • Always check or ask her feelings if something is hurting or painful from the body.

  • Don't get mad or shout if the child is stubborn to take some medication especially the bitter taste of medicines, make some creativity to let them take the medicines with out knowing them like mixing it from some fruits juice or any kind like smoothie.

  • Bring to the nearest hospital if you observe some unusual symptoms from the child, as soon as possible.

  • Search some in the Internet of the following symptoms you notice from your child to know what is the first thing to do.

  • Don't neglect children that is sick because its very dangerous when their illness becomes worst and you only take action from the last moment of the child's life.

  • If you don't have any money to let your child in the hospital just go to government hospitals and as them some indigent help in order to help your problems

  • You can go to some government free agencies like DSWD to seek some help.

  • You can go too charities to ask a little help about your situation don't give up or take risk your child's life because of the only reason that you don't have any money to go for treatment.

  • Don't go to any quack doctor to let your child check or cured from illness because its not really good they can't help you in this case. You can only go to quack doctors if you are cursed in some ways like witch. Hahaha jokes my friends

  • Always focus to your child's health, so that you can grow your child in proper care.

  • Love your children as much as you can but dont spoiled them.give a proper discipline to them to be a good person when they grow up.

This is the only tips that i can share you my friends from my own experience in life being a mother I hope you get or learn a little more from this article i make. You can comment your ideas or suggestions to me mire that I didn't mention here in this topic God bless guys..

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Written by   224
4 months ago
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