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New crypto currency airdrop JUST(JST) token.

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Here are a few new airdrop called JST token crypto and they are giving 2nd free airdrop that already listed in some of the cryptocurrency exchanges platforms here in this cryptocurrency world. You can participate this airdrop and enjoy their free bunoses every 24 hours daily. Airdrop is very convenient yet challenging and exciting crypto free participation give aways because its really gives you a hope that you can earn more free crypto currency money by performing all the tasks you done to be eligible for the give aways that a company newly launched to make a new historical crypto currency creations. This is really a one of the best Ways to earn crypto currency money online for free by joining and participating and also referring your peers to join in this cryptocurrency tokens distribution before it launches in their company and applications games or ways to earn by using this on a traditional method of trading to other cryptocurrencies exchanges and crypto currency tokens. Here are the information about this airdrop im talking for im hoping that you participate and learn more about this unique crypto currency airdrop.

Based on this snapshot, JUST Foundation will initiate its first airdrop of 217,800,000 JUST (JST), corresponding to 2.2% of the complete supply.

Over the next 12 months following this initial airdrop, 237,600,000 JST will be presented to TRX holders, corresponding to 2.4% of the total supply. Starting from June 2021 over the next JUST Foundation will airdrop 257,400,000 JST, corresponding to 2.6% of the complete supply. And starting from June 2022 over the next following months JUST Foundation will airdrop 277,200,000 JST, corresponding to 2.8% of the whole supply.

JUST (JST) will be airdropped to all the addresses running on TRON’s blockchain that have a TRX balance increased than or equal to 100 TRX. Due to the large quantity to be distributed, receiving the tokens may take up to 72H and you may desire to connect with the customer aid service of the exchanges.

Airdrops will be robotically distributed to the TRON (TRX) holders, regardless of whether TRX are frozen.

Platforms & Exchanges for cooperation:

JST is listed in this dApps you may check the here in this list.

JST airdrop is supported on the following platforms exchanges.

  • Binance

  • OKEx

  • Bithumb

  • Upbit

  • Poloniex exchange

  • Huobi Global

  • BigONE

  • KuCoin

  • HitBTC

  • MXC

  • BiKi

  • BitZ

  • DragonEX

  • HBTC

  • WBF Exchange

  • NewDEX

  • Bibull

  • Jubi

  • CoinWIN

  • Cashierest

  • CoinDCX

  • Probit

  • Wazirx

  • TRONTrade


  • Bitkeep

  • Bitpie

  • Imtoken

  • PooL-X

  • Hoo Wallet

  • Cobo wallet

  • Hyperpay

  • Mathwallet

  • TokenPOKET

  • Atomic Wallet


TRUST Wallet

Guarda wallet

SafePal wallet

JST is on hand for trading on the following platforms

  • Poloniex

  • HitBTC

  • MXC

  • BiKi

  • NewDEX

  • Jubi

  • Cashierest

  • Probit

  • Coinone

  • Polonidex

  • TRONTrade

  • HBTC

USDJ is available for buying and selling on the following exchanges

  • Poloniex

  • BiKi

  • NewDEX

  • Cashierest

  • Polonidex

JUST (JST) airdrop timeline:

May 20, 2020

Initial airdrop of 217,800,000 JST

June 20, 2020 — May 20, 2021 (12 months)

Amount of JST airdropped on the 20th of each month: 19,800,000 JST

Total: 237,600,000 JST

June 20, 2021 — May 20, 2022 (12 months)

Amount of JST airdropped on the twentieth of each month: 21,450,000 JST

Total: 257,400,000 JST

June 20, 2022 — October 20, 2022 (5 months)

Amount of JST airdropped on the 20th of every month: 55,440,000 JST

Total: 277,200,000 JST

Another 2nd chance of this airdrop to avail and participate.

JUST (JST): crypto currency token

How get airdrop: just click this link if you're interested to join and participate and avail this new legit airdrop. You here is my account in telegram im also newly registered here today only that's why I post it here for others to know about this new airdrop for this year end 2020.

JST AIRDROP LINK Click the link here

This air drop is offered in Telegram and you users can get a free jst token by subscribing.

Total Round 2 Airdrop Supply:

257,400,000 JST

Total Supply:


Circulating Supply:



380,874 Addresses


1,834,625 Txns


0.030081 USD ≈ 0.9 TRX-0.00%Trade

Market Cap/Fully MC:

26,015,642 USD / 252,257,558 USD

Official Website:

Telegram bot:


Pay Channel:


Start date: 14 December 2020

End date: 20 January 2021

Welcome Gift: 1000 JST

Invitation Gift: 200 JST

Minimum withdrawl: 10,000 JST

Maximum withdrawl: 50,000 JST

🎁 Bonus every 24 hours

I use here my friend JST atomic wallet here for my payout because its more convenient and easy and can be transferred to trustwallet.

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Written by   224
2 months ago
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