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Being productive makes your depression go away.

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4 months ago

I'm really so much surprised to have some good upvotes here in my article even though some times I really feel sad because I'm thinking that no one will likes my articles but thanks God I can make it a little bit despite of being busy taking care of my children at the same time making some articles that I can publish every day. But its not really so easy to make, having 3 children is not really easy to manage everything here. But its really so very more so much make me productive each day, I'm really so much motivated to write more here im hoping to have a good mood always to write a good article my here, because I have also depression that's why I have to be more peaceful and productive each day.

I'm so much more than happy of my habits right now writing articles is one of the best exercises examples to overcome your emotional difficulties like depression, especially when you're in the sense of very emotional, stress feelings of your life, this is the greatest way to make some good way of being so worthy, and in your life.

Maybe you can make this for you to have some self relaxation and mind relaxation to ease your emotions every time you feel so uncomfortable, unhappy, and useless person.

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Wow. Sometimes I feel frustrated but now you have boosted my confidence even more. In fact, everything is possible if you try. You are a great example. You are also a great Mother. Best of luck

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4 months ago