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Cryptocurrencies and it's tendency to make or mal you!.

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1 year ago

No business on planet earth is devoid of risk,matter of fact it's even the ones that have higher risk has the biggest possiblity of making one rich overnight,the tables could turn around ina series of minutes or seconds and boom,one is already swimming in the ocean of wealth,wealth is something that comes with one making preparation and getting ready , putting everything that could lead to the wealth coming in place so as to get prepared. Cryptocurrencies are one out of the ways one can make serious wealth In today's world, though the journey like earlier pointed out is not for the faint hearted,it is one of the medium one can't get richer but it requires that one sits and study's the way it works if one is really ready to earn any thing tangible,unlike other online world business ventures where one contemplates only on either making profit or living his capital or tools untouched,like readcash it is either you are making some money or not at all but with cryptocurrencies as long as you are a registered member and you have some coins on the platform you registered with,which could be binance,trusted wallet or any other wallet the coin in your account goes either up or decreases,one must eventually take place and that is one of the reasons why it is a dicey one,why one must settle down to study how it flows before one would be tempted to put in something in order to start making real money off cryptocurrencies trading. In your journey of cryptocurrencies one should equally be able to set a clear path on what he or she should be doing to make some dope cash. It is either one is into cryptocurrency's hold,or trading which could be day or hour or even weeks,which ever time frame suites the person,another one is equally the staking of coins,this is another sure way to make some cool cash off one just have to choose a niche or the one he or she is better at,then their is also the lending if cryptocurrencies,here it is safer because the whole process is always visible,you simply lend and probably at the end of the end of the month or the time the agreement reaches,you simply look for ways to make sure that it is carried out,the risky has been successfully transferred from you to the borrower,be it company or individual entity.

There are some terminologies used in the crypto-currencies world.

One is hodl:this has to with hold the cryptocurrencies fir a very long period of time hoping it could rise in it's value and the moment it does you sell it off.the acronym stands for hold on for dear life.Those who did this with bitcoin today are millionaires,they have gone from seriously nothing to something under the period of years without doing anything apart from exercising patience and making the rightful decisions. Now the person who have upto 10 bitcoin is already a millionaire,and that is the utmost reason it is always important that one sets out on time in the journey towards making a living from cryptocurrencies hoding.

Trading: this is perhaps the fastest way to making money off cryptocurrencies and at the same time it is the fastest way of one getting his or her finger could be done in matter of hours,weeks months or even in minutes which ever approach the trader decided is best suited for him.

Another one is staking and lending but these two are similar,it involves puting your coins somewhere it could generate revenue in matter in days or months depending on the nature of the contract signed.

Generally looking at how far the cryptocurrencies is doing,it's movement,it's increase in prices,the way coins are flooding the market,it is the reason one would come to understand the terms that crypto would fetch one a good fortune if well executed or if well managed.The news in crypto suggest that it has come to stay and some bullish run will be seen in days or even months. As more and alt coins are being pumped into the market. So for one to make it in this trillion dollar market the use of analytical tools should not be taken lightly,one should dig deeper before going into this venture. The prices of coins like bitcoin, ethereum,ether,bnb, litecoin,bch have all soured high,and along the run they will continue to do well,but based on the fact that they have all gone up,it is best one goes for the available coins that are cheap and have generally a good fortune for those who are into the business of 'HODL"n/b(this is not a financial advise), coins in the future would become the easiest way to amess or acquire wealth.Dont you think so?.

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Written by   43
1 year ago
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