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Choose one: This or That

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1 year ago

"As a human we always find happiness in life even just small things we appreciate because it can make us happy. "

So, here I am again longing happiness as always hehe! it because I read this lifehacks from other users here and I find it fun, so let me try this one!

This and That challenge!

So here we goooooooo :)

        Money or fame
  • Hmm. Money ofcourse! I don't want to be famous in this world because what the use of it just to let yourself be judge or bash from other people? oh'come on! They are dragging us down! We live in the society of judgement even they are not the board of directors of our life.

          Weird or Crazy
  • Ohh it because i'm crazy! I picked crazy HAHA it's okay to be crazy to the point that you'll not always be in a serious mood. Don't you know being serious can make you crazy? So, make your self crazy for you to be serious after all. Seeeeeee it's crazyy hahahahhahha😂

         Pasta or Pizza
  • I'll go for pasta. I love pasta than pizza.

        Piercing or tattoos
  • Piercing💗. Yes I have piercing but for now only two in the left ear. Haha fun to say when I told my mom and let her see my piercing, imagine that she said," Put also to your lips, tongue and to your ears more" haha okay let me pack my clothes I think they don't want me to live in the house🙈

          Love or money
  • I'll go for Love. You can only satisfied your life if you found to yourself that you can love and be love. As a matter of fact, money can't buy true satisfaction and happiness in life. If we are only talking about money, money is everywhere in our surrounding whatever or however poor we are, there's always way to provide our daily needs. And it's our choice to be poor or rich.

     Living room or bedroom
  • My always comfort zone is my bedroom! Yeahh. Instead of living room to chill, well I always find my happiness in my bedroom and I'm used to be alone. Absolutely, I am here right now hahaha!

        Freedom or hope
  • It depend to the situation hmmm. Okii I choose hope! Hope because l always believe that as long as we live in this world there's always hope and we always find hope in every situation. And I also believe the saying and this is my favorite line "Train your mind to see the good in every situation" so therefore, it's hope!

        Apples or oranges
  • I am fruits lover💗 but I need to choose one. Okay Apple. I love apple and I put it with salt and ate it soooo yummmm ahhh🤤 I love it!

      Morning or Evening
  • Every gising is a blessing! So it's good to have a morning. I love it because it's good to have new day in our life.

    Hot chocolate or coffee
  • Ohwmm coffee! Yes coffee. I want it for my comfort food only but it's rare because i'm not really into it. It makes me "kabuhion" haha

Yess! It's done! These are the words I've choose from the lifehacks.

Here's the link so that you can choose and make this challenge hehe. Have fun!


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Written by   270
1 year ago
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Money and pizza... 😜😂 A lot of money so that I can buy a lot of pizzas 😜😂😂

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1 year ago

Hahahaha nice one🤣 Make more money so that you can buy lot of pizza😅

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1 year ago