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Who is to be given a second chance?

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4 months ago
Topics: Life, Writing, Story, Betrayal

It was autumn and Mila was sitting on her window-side couch in the afternoon. She was alone in the home and wanted to have a cup of tea. So, she got up and made it. Then she again came to the window and sat on the couch. She was impressed by the autumn weather there.

She had almost finished the tea and suddenly there was a knock on the door. She went there and opened it. It was her mom at the door but she was so shocked. Because she had not seen her mom for the last 10 years. She saw her hair was gray and was not looking as young as she saw her back then.

She somehow said, "Mom?" And asked her what she was doing there. Before hearing her mom's answer she went to 10 years earlier memories. She had to leave home at the age of 16 following a huge scandal. Her dad died long ago and her mom married a man. That day her mom told her to leave the house and said that she didn't want to see her face again.

It happened because her mom thought something was going on between Mila and her mom's husband. Her mom thought she was trying to steal him from her. One night they were having dinner together. And then her stepdad said that Mila and her mom were so pretty and they looked like sisters. And that's when her mom started doubting.

But it was he who was giving Mila weird looks. One day she was in her room and he came. Then he said that she was such a beauty. Then he told her that once she turned 18, he would leave her mom to be with her. Mila got so angry but didn't get the courage to defend him. So she told her mom everything.

She listened to her carefully but didn't believe her. She got angry with Mila and said that it could not be true. Then her husband came and said that her daughter was lying. Then he told that Mila made a pass at him but he turned her down. And now she was trying to get back at him.

Mila was so shocked by his lying. Her mom was also shocked as she believed her husband and got proof of her daughter stealing her husband. So, she ended up on the street when she was just 16. She cried so hard sitting on the street. Because she could not find a place where to go. She could not get the answer for what she deserved so.

Time passed and she felt so insecure to be there. She was losing hope and then she remembered her dad's mother. Her dad passed away long ago but his mom still lived in the city. She was confused but went to her. She stood on her door and luckily her granny took her in. Mila told her everything and she felt so sad for the girl.

She thanked her because for her she didn't end up on the street. She helped Mila with everything and also was there when she was sick. She always supported the sad girl but this didn't last forever. Because her granny passed away soon. She stood near her grave and thanked her for everything.

And so her mom stood at the doorstep of her house. But she felt sorry looking at her sad face. Her mom told her that her stepfather had kicked her out to live with a young lover. She added that she had nowhere to go. Mila took her in and she said that she was so sorry for everything. She also said that she didn't believe her back then, but he turned out to be an awful person.

Mila smiled at her and said that it was okay and she was not mad at her. And then her husband returned from work. He heard Mila calling her mom and he got surprised. He asked her if she had a mom but she had said him that she was an orphan. Mila asked him to let her explain everything. Then her mom interfered and said that if he had known what she had done to Mila, he would know why she had been calling herself an orphan.

Her mother's those words touched Mila so much that she let her stay with them. She told her that she loved her and she wanted to give them another chance.

At first, she was glad and her husband and mother were getting along. She started to help Mila in the household. And one day she baked a pie. While eating, Mila's husband turned to her mother and said that the pie was absolutely delicious.

But then her mother started acting strangely. One day she just came home and saw her mother. She was wearing a white floral dress. Mila immediately could recognize the dress and asked her mom if that dress was her. She replied indirectly and suggested Mila face it as it looked better on her. She was shocked but didn't tell her anything.

On another afternoon, Mila and her husband were going out and when she saw her mom. She was looking different and Mila asked her if she had changed her hairstyle. The style was similar to Mila and she said that they looked like sisters then. She smiled at Mila and her husband too. She asked her daughter's husband if she was right. And he replied that it was looking good on her. She acted as if she was feeling shy.

The same night, when Mila and her husband went to bed, she asked him if he had noticed that her mom was acting strangely. He was indifferent to this topic but said that her mom was a beautiful woman. He also said that who was still young, she had just left a tyrant and suggested Mila let her enjoy her life.

One day Mila returned home from groceries and saw something unexpected. It turned out that her mom didn't want to enjoy her single life. She wanted to enjoy her daughter's husband. Mila got shocked and asked them what was going on. Her mom got angry with her and said that she was taking what she owed to her.

Mila also got angry with her and asked how she dared to do that to her family. Her mom said that Mila had ruined her marriage. And if it hadn't been for her, her husband would not have started chasing young girls. But in her view, Mila had made him obsessed with her.

Mila told her mom and husband to get out of the house. She also said that they both were dead to her. She was betrayed by two of her closest people. But she had learned an important lesson:

Don't give a second chance to someone, who never gave you a first one.

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Written by   71
4 months ago
Topics: Life, Writing, Story, Betrayal
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I thought the mother came back remorseful for all she did to her own daughter. Now, she wants to destroy her daughter's marriage. This is unfair and cruel.

The truth is we need to give a second chance to People but the question is "how do we know they have come to apologize and changed their ways?"

At least we must try to give second chance especially to people who are so committed to making a change in their life. We only need God's direction to know who will should give a second chance to.

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4 months ago

Yes. We of course should give chance. But it's the matter if they are there to heal or to harm...And unfortunately, we don't get it until it's late.

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4 months ago