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What does it cost to be loved

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1 week ago

Kohel was 18 but she looked ager than her age. She was fatty but didn't eat much. Her father was a wealthy man and loved her so much. But few years ago her beloved mother had left them both. She lived in different states of her father for study purpose.

One day, she returned to the home states as they were having a very special occasion. She just returned and felt so hungry. That's why she went to a luxurious restaurant there. She was alone and sat in a table. She then ordered one of her favorite meal.

Kohel was waiting for her meal to be served. But that time she saw a woman rushing towards her. It turned out that she was the manager there. She came to her and said that she was so overweight and she should be ashamed of eat. Kohel was shocked with the way of her talking.

The manager refused her the menu. She was so sad at this. The manager again said that for folks like her, they had only water. She went away but Kohel was still waiting for any food to come. One hour had passed but yet no one was coming to her. She was nauseous and dizzy from hunger.

That time she remembered that she had some snacks on her bag. She opened her energy box and started eating. But as soon ass she had her first bite, the manager showed up again. She threw it away and then called the security.

The security came and took her away from the table. She heard the manager saying fatties like her didn't belong in a classy establishment. And so they took him in the store room.

Her insults had her all flustered. Kohel felt woozy and that time the manager showed her kindness by pushing a child seat under her. Kohel was feeling devastated and she passed out. That time the baby seat could not tolerate her weight and broke under her.

While she was passing out she only heard a sound. The manager was having a wry laughter at her condition. And that's when the restaurant manager showed up. When the manager saw him rushed to her, she stopped laughing and could not but called the ambulance.

The owner and his fiance, the manager went to the hospital with Kohel. When she was admitted, the owner turned to the manager and said that Kohel was his daughter who was on holiday right then! The manager could not understand anything. Then he explained that Kohel had flew in especially for their wedding. The manager was at a lose and became satisfied when she learnt that her fiance didn't see her jobs.

But when Kohel came to sense, at first she didn't recognize the vixen manager in that sweet girl. She was confused seeing her color changing. But finally she told everything to her dad and kicked the hypocrite out of her hospital room.

Her dad got angry with his fiance. Kohel also belived that her dad would believe her, not his vixen fiance. While she was leaving, she begged her fiance to check the security tape. He also agreed to check.

But he didn't know the manager would get to the tape first. She left the hospital and went to the restaurant security room. She exclaimed that who knew the fat girl was her soon to be stepdaughter. She thought with no evidence, he would surely believe her and then he deleted the corresponding video tape. She said to herself that after all he believed she love him, not his money and then laugh.

The day before the wedding Kohel's dad fired his fiance. She was angry thinking why he had done so. But after this she thought that she had status then and so she should not work anyway. She became satisfied and left.

On the big day, her dad called off the ceremony. His fiance could not understand anything and came in a innocent sad face to him. She asked him to get married soon. But he took the ring back and said that she should be grateful as he didn't embarrass her in front of everyone like she did to his daughter.

The woman pretended to be more innocent. She forbade him to believe Kohel and said that she was a liar. Kohel's dad became angry and said that he believed his daughter and his own eyes.

It turned out that when his fiance left the hospital, he thought to check the security tape. Then he also left for the security room. But when he reached there, he saw his fiance there who was deleting the proof video. He didn't say anything that day and returned back.

The ex manager and ex fiance got so angry and threw away the flower bouquet. She said that she would find a richer man. Then she cursed him that he would spend the rest of his days with that fatty. She was totally defeated but walked out with a victory face. Seeing that, Kohel and her dad laughed.

The ex manager never found a rich guy. She started waiting and serving at the tables at a fast food joint and was searching for her next victim.

For Kohel and her father she saved him from the biggest mistake of his life. And soon after that they both found their true love despite his age and her weight.

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Written by   40
1 week ago
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This is the evident that true love can be wait, "Good things Comes to those who wait" hintay nlng muna yung tanggap tayo ng buo heheh

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1 week ago

yes wait with a big heart <3

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1 week ago