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Thorny path

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1 month ago

That night Carol and John were driving home from a party at their friends'. Suddenly John got angry with her and said that he was so sick of her whining. Carol was embarrassed but requested him to keep his eyes on the road. He got more angry and exclaimed how dare she ordered him around.

He was continuously scolding Carol but she didn't reply anything. Suddenly she saw a homeless boy in the middle of the road. Her husband was busy in humiliating her and didn't noticed it. She exclaimed to watch out and took the steering wheel in her hands to control. But it was too late.

Their car crashed into a tree. The last thing Carol saw before she passed out was the frightened child's face. Fortunately the boy was saved and only she and her husband was injured. Soon they were taken to the hospital and the boy was not seen again.

Her husband's hand was broken. And she still couldn't step down from the bed. He came to her cabin when the doctor came to visit her. He said to John that his wife would not be able to walk well. He became super irritated and asked why he would need a wife like her.

He said this in front of Carol and she could not hold back her tears. He asked her what the hell she was thinking. He blamed her saying that he had broken his arm because of her. She wanted to defend herself saying there was a child on the road. John said, "So what?" He again blamed her that she almost put him in his early grave because of some homeless kid. Carol had nothing to say after being continuously blamed.

After they were discharged, John's arm was cured perfectly. But Carol could no longer walk without a cane. That annoyed her husband. One day they were walking in the street and John said to her that she was embarrassing him. Carol said sorry and became upset.

Their marriage was fragile before, but now it was falling apart at the seams. One day Carol was at home and her husband came to her. He became irritated and told her that he was pathetic. He further said that she had to thank him for staying with her. And gradually she herself thought to be a burden.

Her husband didn't care about her. He started bringing his mistresses right into their house. One day Carol was cooking and didn't know when John came to home. When he came to the room, she found him with another woman!

She was shocked and didn't know how to react. He somehow managed herself to ask what was going on there. Her husband asked if she could not see what was going on by herself. He himself became irritated and showed no mercy to Carol.

He continuously rebuked her and she thought them to be true. Ultimately John kicked his wife out of the house. There was no reason of doing this. One night he just packed her stuffs and kicked them out. Carol started crying and he said that he was so sick of her tears. He ordered her to leave the house immediately.

Carol ended up in the street. Because she had nowhere to go. She had to beg for money. She thought she had become so pathetic. She thought nothing was possible to be done by her. She lost all of her confidence and became a permanent dweller of the street.

One day she was sleeping in the road side and everything changed that day when she heard a child's voice. She heard the voice saying, "It's you! You are my angel!". She opened her eyes and saw a boy's face who was standing in front of her. It was the same boy who was in the middle street that night.

He told Carol that she had saved him. He was very very glad to see her and his face, eyes were representing that happiness. He had a bread and he split it in two parts. He gave one to Carol and asked her to eat. She was hungry and could not but took.

She thanked him and asked where his parents were. The boy happily said that he had no parents and he was homeless. He then forbade Carol to tell this to anyone because he didn't want to be sent to an orphanage. The boy was seemed to like freedom and live his life all by his wish.

Carol became anxious for him and asked if it was not scary to be alone. The boy replied without any hesitation that he was not alone anymore because he had met her. He proposed her to take care of each other and live for each other. Carol looked into the boys eyes.

For the first time in a while she saw light and kindness. She thought that after the boy's saying, she had no right to give up. Eventually she found a job and a small room to live in. Her job was not the decent ones, but she was happy to prove herself for the first time.

She was a janitor but she was not going to stop at that. 5 years have gone like this and finally her days came. One day John was in an interview. He couldn't believe his eyes when he found out that the owner of the company was Carol!

She had become one of the most successful women in town during the past 5 years. He became astonished and asked her if it was really Carol. Carol replied with confidence that he had thrown the old Carol out like a stray dog. But he didn't know the new her.

John immediately turned back and left speechless and simply ran out of her office. That didn't surprise Carol because she was familiar with that behave. He had never been able to handle tough situations and so he ran away as he did always.

Carol still walks with the cane. Anyway, she had adopted that boy so that they could continue taking care of each other. After work she always been at home with her son. When her son finds out that his mom is at home, he rushes to hug her. Now they are living a true life full of love and happiness.

You never know what thorny path Almighty will guide you along towards bliss.

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Written by   40
1 month ago
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