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The killer sometimes be the dead body

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1 month ago

That night Elsa and her family were returning from shopping. Her husband, Tony was driving the car. And the weather was not in their favor. It started raining and thundering. The stormy wind was also blowing.

But it seemed that her husband had a hurry to reach home. That's why he was driving so fast and suddenly they got into an accident. Tony and her daughter, Emma were not hurt. But Elsa took the whole blow herself.

By the way, the savings of her beloved ones could manage an ambulance soon and took her to the hospital. Tony and Emma was fully saved and had no injury. But Elsa was admitted and was out of conscious. The doctor did her examinations and told Tony that she had injured her spine and need a surgery to walk again.

After sometime, he left the hospital and drove to a restaurant. There he met his mistress as he was going to leave Elsa that very day and move in with his mistress. But the accident ruined his plans. So, he met her urgently to make another plans.

He told his mistress, Kaicy that his stupid wife is in the hospital and needed an expensive surgery. She calm him down and suggested to lie to his wife that she would be disabled forever. She added that they could take advantage of her miserable situation.

The next day Tony went to Elsa's ward. He pretended to be looked sad. Elsa asked him why she could not move. He replied that her spine was damaged and she would in a wheelchair forever. She was not ready for this. She could not believe how an accident changed her life.

Even she was depressed when she was discharged from the hospital. But she hoped that her husband would be with her and take care of her too. But instead, he turned her life into a real hell. The same day she was discharged, she went to her office back home. But he got angry with her and said that she was not a woman then.

Elsa could not understand anything and asked what he meant. She added that she was the same. But Tony replied that she could not fulfill her marital duties anymore and added that no man wanted to be with someone like her. She was so shocked at his behavior but could not defend as he was right.

After that he started constantly splitting hairs. One night he came back from office and announced that he was tired and hungry and needed his dinner on the table. But the dinner was not cooked yet. Elsa begged sorry and said that it was hard for her to move her hands. He got angry and said that she was pathetic and useless. He also said to her that it would be better for everyone if she died in that accident.

Little by little, his words convinced Elsa that nobody needed her. She cried night after night and went in depression. But she had a meaning in her life. It was her daughter Emma. The little girl still loved her mother as she loved before. And they both were each others weakness.

But that time Tony got a call from his mistress. It was the call for which Elsa and her daughter had to suffer a lot. Kaicy told Tony that it was time to implement their plan.

Elsa and Emma were having their time together and that time Tony went to them. He said that he was not going to pay for Elsa anymore. He insisted her to get a job. But she replied that she was too weak and nobody would hire her then. He said that she looked miserable enough and so told her to beg on the street.

Elsa also got angry and said that it was enough and she was leaving. That time the cunning husband started to execute his plans. He told her that if she left, she would never see her daughter again. He added that Emma would stay with him because social services would not leave her with someone like Elsa.

Elsa could understand the situation and got in more depression. She started crying hugging her daughter. She had no friends and relatives who could help her. Consequently, she had no choice but to beg.

The next day, she did as her husband's humiliating terms. She sat on the wheelchair on the street and begged money. Her body didn't supported that much pain but she continued. And at the end of the day she gave all her begged money to her husband. But he was not happy with how much she earned. He told her that if she really loved her daughter, she would bring more money.

And from the next day she tried her best. She feared losing her kid, so she started to beg all day long. She did it in order to spend at least some time with her kid. But the time was not too much. It would like she got some time after dinner and then she read her books. And continued it until Emma slept.

Meanwhile, her husband's mistress, Kaicy was a frequent guest in their house. One day Tony told Elsa to learn from Kaicy as she was a real woman unlike her. Elsa said that she would not live in the same house as her. Tony told her to get out of there but remined her one thing not to forget, their daughter would stay with him. It stopped her and she could only endure all of that humiliation.

One morning Elsa came to the dining table to have breakfast before going out to beg. But Kaicy and Tony was already there and she didn't allow Elsa to sit at the table with them. She said that beggars had no place with them at table and she would spoil her appetite.

All day long Elsa begged while she was completely hungry. She could not buy foods because her husband might not allow to stay with her daughter with little money. However, her body could not stand it. She felt dizzy and became unconscious. She fell from the wheel chair.

People gathered to help her and they sought if there was any doctor. And from the crowd a man said that he was doctor. He checked her and said that the woman needed urgent hospitalization. He called an ambulance and within 10 minutes he took her to the hospital.

After some treatments, Elsa woke up and asked what had happened to her. The doctor replied that her body was exhausted. Then he asked her why such a decent woman was begging on the street. Elsa was so desperate that she could not hold back her tears. She told her savior everything that happened to her.

And at that moment she could know the truth. The doctor said to her that she could walk. She was so surprised but confused. She asked him what he meant. He replied that he had given her a full examination and he was sure that she needed a small surgery to be able to walk. And that's how Elsa realized her husband's cruel plan.

The doctor decided to help the helpless patient. He gave her the contact details of a charitable foundation that paid for operations for poor people. They also responded to Elsa's request and paid for her operation. And after a few months, she was able t walk again.

And all that time her husband and his mistress were looking for Elsa to make her their slave once more. But it all went in vain. And they could not imagine that she would return to them herself. That afternoon they both were having snacks and Elsa went to them.

She said to her husband, "Hello, honey. Did you miss me?" And then they noticed her. He said that they thought she had died. She ignored this and straightly said that she had to to pick up her daughter. But Emma was not at home.

It turned out that while Elsa was in the hospital, Tony forced his own daughter to beg. Elsa found her on the street. She immediately sued her husband and he was deprived of parental rights. Elsa and her daughter were finally together.

She was returning her home from the court. And that time her husband followed her. He decided that he would not let her win and live them in peace. Then he was crossing the road. He was so consumed with hatred that he didn't notice the car that was racing straight towards him.

He was taken in the hospital. When he came in sense he asked the doctor why he could not move. The doctor replied that he was sorry, but he was paralyzed forever. And Elsa's husband finally found himself in her shoes.

Sometimes the person you'd take a bullet for, ends up being the one behind the gun.

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Written by   51
1 month ago
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