Never do anything to be cursed

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Mia and John was in love for 2 years. And that time she was 8 months pregnant with John's baby. They two were happy because before the childbirth they were going to be married.

But one day something happened that made their life upside down. John entered into a restaurant for lunch and that time he noticed a janitor near him. He didn't took much time to recognizer the janitor because it was his fiance, Mia.

When Mia turned around and saw John, she was much shocked. She rushed to him and wanted to hold his hands. But he got angry and forbade her to touch him with her dirty hands. He told her that he was too good for her and left the restaurant.

Mia followed her to the car and said that she was saving up for college. She added that she would not be always that poor. But being a millionaire John could not accept that. He said that he didn't need a cleaner and he was already seeing someone else. Mia was so shocked at this and then John splashed mud on her.

She fell on the ground and a local janitor gave her a helping hand. By that time, John had got into his car. When he saw the local janitor, he laughed at her. He said that that janitor was a perfect match for her and left.

After that, Mia went to John's house to bring her stuffs. She tried all the keys but nothing worked. It turned out that John quickly had changed all the locks so that she could not get into that house.

Mia knocked on the door and angry John came to open the door. She told him that she wanted to pick up her stuffs. But he didn't even let her enter. Moreover said that he had bought all the things to her. And so, Mia had to leave with in bare hands.

She had no home and no relatives to go. So, she returned to the restaurant to sleep in the utility room. It was not late night and suddenly she went into labor. But she could not even call an ambulance. Luckily that janitor was nearby and saw Mia. He immediately called the ambulance and went to the hospital with her.

Soon Mia gave birth to a beautiful daughter. She was about to leave and wanted to went to John. She was sure John would never leave her then. But she had a good luck and saw John through the hospital window. She was over the moon because she had believed that he had come for his baby.

She saw him enter but he was not alone. He came with his rich fiance who was also in labor. It turned out that John was cheating her since long time. He passed her and pretended he had never seen Mia before. Mia was so hurt at this.

Then she somehow managed to go to him and begged him to stay and not let his baby starve to death. John replied that he didn't want a cleaner's child. He also told Mia that she could leave her there if she wanted but he didn't care about it. He looked down his nose at her and pushed her out of his way.

Mia was so upset at this. She decided to give up her daughter as she couldn't give her a good life. She lie down her baby and whispered that she would definitely take the baby back when she escaped poverty. She started crying.

And that's when her savior walked into the room. It was that janitor again. He heard her to say those words to the baby and asked what she was doing. He forbade her to do it because her daughter would never forgive her. He again said that he knew what it was like to grow up without love and support. Mia looked at him and he said that he was an orphan.

She realized the baby wouldn't be her anchor, she would be her motivation instead. When she was released from the hospital, the three happy people were walking on the street. She talked with him and could learn that the janitor's name was Chris.

He also showed another kindness towards her. He offered her a room at his place for free. And she could not but agreed to have. Chris became a real guardian angel for her and her girl. But soon turned out, he had his own reasons.

One day, Mia was making dinner and Chris came. He told that he had been into her for a while then, and he really want to help. He then said that he knew there was no place for him in her heart right then; but he would always be by her side and they could achieve anything together.

Mia also see the hope in his eyes.

And 5 years later, she still worked at the restaurant. But not as a cleaner, though, but as a manager. She now goes to there on her luxurious car.

One day, she just got down from the car and saw John came to her for an interview. The two were shocked to see each other's financial situation.

It turned out that John's father was fed up with him as he spent the family's money too much. He locked all John's bank accounts and kicked him out. So, he could learn to provide for himself. John's wife immediately filed for divorce, saying the child was not his. And she also kicked him out.

Mia remembered about that time when he kicked her out. She remembered how cruel he had been when she was pregnant. She also remembered the time when he showed her the door and gave up his baby. She didn't understand how she could have ever loved him.

She thought for a while. She wanted to tear him to pieces but decided not to lash out. Then she decided to hire him as a cleaner. He also agreed happily.

But John didn't appreciate her kindness. He was sure that she still loved him and so started to behave like that. He acted like a puffed-up peacock not the miserable son of a millionaire that he really was.

On his first day of work, John took an action. It was a wedding reception in the restaurant. Suddenly he came up on the stage and confessed his feelings for Mia. Mia was there and all the guests turned around John.

He got down on one knee and proposed her. How shameful he was! He announced through the microphone that he had always loved Mia, even though she were a beggar! He said that his father had forced him into marrying a rich woman and he didn't want to do it.

The guests were about to support him. Mia quickly got on the stage and said everyone that he had rejected her when she was a cleaner and now she was the manager there and he was no good for her. She got everyone's support. She proudly beat her ex-fiance at his own game. And he shamefully got off the stage.

Mia also got down to tell him the most important thing. She said to him that she was marrying that janitor in a week. She also said that he was no more a janitor but the owner of that restaurant. John was shocked at this and forgot to work. Mia laughed and ordered him to clean her floor.

Life is very unpredictable. After all a millionaire rejected her because she was just a cleaner. But now that millionaire was mopping her place.

Curses are like chickens; they always come home to roost.

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