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Karma is real

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1 month ago

That dat Amanda was in their car. Her husband was driving and she was sitting just next to him. Their daughter, Sophie was on the back seat. They were going to shopping and suddenly they had a fight. Sophie took Amanda's part and that made Dave angry. He became mad and drove desperately. Consequently they had a car accident.

The accident took all the impact on Amanda's side. Her husband and daughter was safe and not injured. But she became senseless on the spot and needed to go to hospital. Dave somehow called the 911 and they were rescue to the hospital.

The hospital released Dave and Sophie after some treatments. But they admitted Amanda and observed her in special care because she was not in sense for about a week after the accident.

But one day Amanda felt that she had come back to her senses in the hospital. She opened her eyes and saw her lying on a bed at the hospital room. She looked around and saw a nurse observing her information. She wanted to draw the attention of her and asked so many questions. But the nurse didn't answer her questions and it seemed she didn't listened or saw Amanda.

The nurse soon left her cabin without saying a word. After this she got up from bed and stood on the floor. She looked back at the bed and she was shocked. There was something because though she got up her body stayed in the bed! She found her body was not moving and had a oxygen mask as she used to have.

Finally it turned out that she had been in a coma for few days. She felt sorry for herself. She went to her body but she didn't know what to do then because it was all new experience for her. And then she remembered her only daughter and husband. She hadn't met them many days and she couldn't wait.

Amanda rushed to her home and rang the calling bell. But it did make no sound and she didn't had keys too with her. But when she put her hands on the door, she easily could enter into the room through the shut door. She became astonished but didn't care it.

First she went to her room. She was eager to meet her husband. She thought he might be feeling too bad because he loved her a lot. But when she got nearer to the room, she heard two voice: male and female. She appeared on the door and caught her husband with her best friend! All of her trust and love disappeared instantly.

She heard her best friend saying that she wished Amanda never woke up and Dave got everything. Her loving husband should be angry at this. But most surprisingly he laughed and said that he had lived with her just for her fortune.

Amanda owned a lot of properties and according to their marriage contract if any spouse died, the other would get all the properties. Everything became crystal clear to her. It turned out that Dave's love and Kate's friendship all were fake. They were just using her in their purpose. In her bad time, when she needed support, she was getting the true face of her loving ones.

She couldn't take this and was hurt. She cried a lot and decided to see her daughter. Amanda went to her room and found that her daughter was lying on her bed. It was late night but she still didn't sleep. And then she noticed that Sophie was holding her mother's photo and looked at that. Amanda felt much love and affection for her baby. She got the only one who missed her was her daughter.

In the next morning, Kate and Dave were in the dining table. They were having breakfast but didn't even asked Sophie to have. However, Sophie also was not in that mind. She had another important task to do. She came out of her room and went to the table.

She said to her father that she wanted to see her mom and requested him to take her to the hospital. Dave was about to reply something but Kate did it before he. She became a monster from a woman and said that she was so sick of Sophie. She ordered Dave to get rid of that girl.

Dave were furious too. He also wanted to get rid of her daughter as well as wife. So, he instantly dressed up and took her daughter to an adoption agency. When the car was about to start, Amanda was just by the side. She yelled and shouted but they didn't listened to her. And there was nothing she could do but cry.

Three months passed after that. Sophie was living with her new parents. And that day the hospital called Dave. He needed to sign some papers. Amanda noticed that while signing he was crying a lot. She got amazed and felt loved; but soon after signing when he was leaving, he smiled at everything.

But she had no time left to watch over him. Because that day she would be taken off life support. Soon the doctors gave up on her and declared her as incapacitated. After the declaration, Dave got the access to Amanda's fortune. He put the house up for sale and already saw himself as the heir. He always dreamt that he was living in the ocean of money. And this was the dream of Kate too.

The broken and exhausted Amanda visited her little girl every day at the foster home. That day the doctor supposed her to pass within an hour. She heard this and decided to visit her daughter for the last time. When she went to the house, she learned that Sophie had run away that morning!

She had only one hour left and her daughter also ran away. It made her crazy as she thought she would never be able to meet her daughter. She searched high and low. But didn't find Sophie. Then something strange happened.

She was looking for her daughter and suddenly some force drew her back to the hospital. She went to her room and could move only there. She discovered that she was being taken off life support! She became at a loss and soon started disappearing.....

And then she was shocked by her familiar voice. It was her daughter who entered the room crying. She rushed to her mother and cried more. Amanda was not fully disappeared and she felt happy to see her daughter.

'Mommy, don't go! I love you so much!' Amanda heard this beautiful words in her life time and became grateful. She felt her baby's warm tears on her cheeks. She got the strength and energy that she had to live for her beautiful child.

And it was a miracle! Amanda opened her eyes for the first time in months. Sophie's love saved her and brought her back. Sophie was very much happy to see her. She got a new life getting her mother back. She came closer to her mother and hugged her.

That day, at home Dave and Kate were celebrating Amanda's passing. They were having expensive meals. Amanda was healthy enough to go to her home. She entered the living room. When they saw her, they both froze in shock. They thought it never could happen.

Dave exclaimed with fear and told her a ghost. And Kate said to herself that she had came back to get even. She was going to talk with Dave. But he got so scared that he had a heart attack and fell from the chair. And Kate was running away in a panic and then broke her leg.

Amanda came to them and observed their conditions. She was kind enough to call an ambulance. When Dave and Kate were taking to the hospital, Amanda and Sophie waved them goodbye. And now she is living happily with her daughter. She is pretty sure that Karma is real.

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Written by   40
1 month ago
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