In revenge & in love, a woman is more barbaric than a man

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"Paul?!" Oh my God! What's going on here?", shocked Shelly asked her husband. She just returned from a vacation with her son and entered the house. She was in a fresh mind but when she discovered her husband lying with another girl, all of her freshness disappeared in a moment.

"Son, don't look at dad!", she told her son.

Her husband was like a shameless person. He acted as if nothing happened. He normally asked Shelly why she had returned from vacation so early. She replied that their son Sam broke his arm; they were trying to call him all day, but now she saw, apparently, he was too busy to pick up the phone.

Her husband sent her son and her on vacation alone. He was a lawyer and said that he had an important case. She reminded him that saying it was his "important case"! But he replied that it was none of her business. He added that in fact, he was glad that she had found out about everything. He was sick of hiding with Gina in hotels for all of those years.

"For years? What are you talking about?", said utterly surprised Shelly.

Gina replied that they had been dating for three years and they were in love. She added that Paul even proposed to her and showed her the big diamond ring.

Shocked by the betrayal, she could not say a word. However, she had no idea that the worst was yet to come! Sonn, her husband, a famous lawyer, filed for divorce. He knew loopholes in the law and so he took their house. It was so important for him because as it turned out, his mistress liked it a lot.

After the divorce, Paul told Shelly that he and Gina were flying to the islands. He gave her a week to pack her things and get out of there. Gina also said that she could not wait to move into that cozy little house. She ordered Shelly to just clean it up first because she hate the mess.

However, Shelly's house meant a lot to her. She decorated it herself and thought through every little detail. She looked at things and places. These all remembered her of the precious memory she had with her son. So, leaving the place was very painful for her.

"No, I won't give up so easily!", she said herself. She also swore that Sam and she would live there again, not Paul and his mistress. So, she quickly came up with a plan while Sam was at school. She packed up all their stuff and had it removed. Then, she ordered delivery of something and started fighting for her house. Within 2 hours, she thoroughly cleaned every room and left.

When Paul and Gina returned, at first, they enjoyed their life there. But soon, they started noticing an unpleasant smell. Paul asked Gina if something went bad in the refrigerator. She replied that it was empty. She reminded him that she could not cook.

The smell was getting stronger every day. Paul and Gina tried to do everything possible to get rid of it. But they could not figure out where it was coming from. They ordered the maid to clean the whole house. They placed air fresheners everywhere. They even replaced the expensive flooring. But nothing helped - the stench only intensified.

All of their friends refused to come to their house. They didn't have any friends anymore because of that damn smell. And soon, the maid could no longer stand the stench and quit. The delivery services also refused to go to their house. Gina was so irritated and told Paul that she could not take it anymore and it was like she was living in a dump! She clearly said to him, "Either we move or I'll leave you!"

So, he had to borrow a large sum from the bank to buy a new house. And he put up the old one for sale. One month had passed, but a buyer could not be found. Everyone was scared off by the nasty, rotten smell. And consequently, Paul was forced to lower the price of the house every day. And when it cost as much as an old car, Shelly called her ex.

She told him that she had heard he was selling the house. He replied that it was true and he really needed money. He added that he owed a lot to the bank, but nobody wanted to buy that damn house. "I do.", she replied.

That week, she bought her house for a ridiculously low price. Paul and Gina acted like they had won the lottery. And behind Shelly's back, they said what a fool she was. However, she quickly said goodbye to them and Sam and she got down to business.

They took down the curtain rods in each room. Previously, she had stuffed each of them with shrimps when leaving the house, and that's what caused the unbearable smell. And now, after replacing the old curtain rods in every room, she felt like the happiest person in the world.

After all, she got back what was rightfully them.

So, remember, in love and in revenge, a woman is more barbaric than a man is.

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