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Good actions give strength to ourselves

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2 weeks ago

It was night and the radio declared that a heavy storm was coming towards the city. Alex was a receptionist in a luxury hotel and was sitting at the desk then. From the inside of the hotel, he still could hear the thunders. He was having a lazy time, as no one was going out or coming in at that calamity. But suddenly he noticed an old couple heading towards him.

They were wet and dirty from the rain. And their clothes were looking shabby. All night, visitors were outraged by their presence. They complained about them to the clerk. They said that they thought that hotel was for respectable people. So, why he had let those stinky bums in there. They also exclaimed that everything there was filthy then.

Hearing these the old couple was disappointed and thought they would have to leave the hotel soon. But it was clear that they didn't want to get wet again. Alex was a kind man and didn't heed to the visitor. He smiled at the old couple and asked them if they had booked a room in advance. The couple got strength and explained what had happened with them. They said that they had no plan to stay in the city. They were leaving the city this evening. But they had missed their train because of the storm and got stuck there. They had no relatives there and all the hotels in the area were full. And now they had nowhere to sleep.

Alex's hotel also didn't have any rooms. So, he felt pity for them. He thought that he could not let those poor elderly spouses sleep on the street. He thought for a while and got away though there were no spare rooms. He took them near a room and told them that he had a night shift that day and he would not sleep at all. Then he offered them that they could take his room that night. He also said that it was not as comfortable as their usual suites but they would be warm and safe there.

The old couple was very happy to get the room. They stayed there and the next morning, the couple checked out in a good mood. They paid the bill in check and the old man thanked Alex for his generosity. He also told him that one day, he would be repaid for his kindness. The clerk smiled at those sweet words and immediately forgot what was said.

Three years later, Alex received a letter from an unknown person. It was a kind of weird letter as it was written:

Buy tickets and rush to New York! The address is on the envelope. Your life will be changed forever.

Alex was shocked to get such a letter. And also he was skeptical about the old man's promise three years ago. However, he had encountered hard times at work and was thinking about quitting. Getting the letter he thought he would not lose anything if he went there and a weekend in New York would clear his head. So, a week later, he arrived at the appointed address. He gasped in disappointment when he saw only a newly constructed building. He got irritated and thought somebody played a trick on him.

There was nothing to see more and so he was about to leave. And then suddenly an old man appeared from nowhere. He asked Alex if he remembered him. He didn't wait for his reply. He himself started to explain that Alex had saved his wife and him three years ago. After the introducing part, the old man pointed a finger at the building and said to Alex, "My wife and I built it for you. If you don't mind, you can manage the hotel from now on."

This story is based on real events that took place many years ago with philanthropist William Waldorf-Astor and the first manager of his hotel, George Boldt.

This poor guy, Alex never expected his life to turn out that way. Just in one day, he became the manager of one of the most glamorous hotels in America from a random hotel clerk. Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.

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Written by   64
2 weeks ago
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This is so true. I have seen such incidents in my life. You reminded me that dear.

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2 weeks ago

Wow! You have witnessed such a good thing.

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2 weeks ago