Don't despise your child

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Jessy's mother was a rude behaved woman. But Jessy wanted to be opposite to that. In her childhood she wanted to be free and do what she wanted more. But she was also an obedient kid of her mother. So, she couldn't do even her good wish too because her mother always resisted her to do.

Jessy loved to draw. When she was a little child she draw a family picture. She was so exited to show it to her mom. She was for sure that her mom is going to appreciate her. But she was completely wrong. When she show the picture her mother said that it looked terrible. She also forbade her not to draw ever. Jessy was a good daughter and so she obeyed her mother.

When she was 5 years old one day Jessy's mother took her in a super shop. There she felt free and was running from here and there. She was so happy and was running like an airplane. She wanted her mother to have a share of her happiness. But when she told her mother that, "Mommy, look at me, I am an airplane!", her mother rebuked her. And also said that she should be ashamed of doing this. An old woman nearby saw Jessy to play like this and got a candy for her. She said Jessy a beautiful child and wanted to gave the candy to her. But her mother again rebuked Jessy telling that she didn't deserve a candy.

Another day Jessy was playing on the yard and she got a little bit of mud. When her mother saw this, she mentioned her as dirty as a pig. She also said, "You are a disgrace." Her neighbor saw this and they were literally worried about Jessy's growth.

This happened when Jessy was almost 6. One day she was playing with dolls and her mother didn't liked it as she didn't like anything Jessy wanted to do. She told that she should be doing something serious. Jessy was obedient enough and she at once stop playing and agreed with her mom.

One afternoon, Jessy was making a picture again in her free time. Her mother came near to her and again rebuked her as she did every time. She ordered Jessy to study then. Like a good girl Jessy agreed and went to study.

When the exam paper was given and Jessy made a mistake her mother became a monster. She screamed at her and torn her paper. She said no one is going to need such a stupid girl. This made Jessy so sad and she started studying more.

Eventually in the next exam she got a good mark. She happily showed it to her mom. But her mom even didn't have a glance on it. She said, "This doesn't make any sense. You will never be so productive and something good will never come out from you." It made Jessy to feel so sad and all day she felt bad for it.

One day they were eating vegetables for dinner. Jessy requested if she could be given some more. But her mother rebuked her this time too saying "You won't fit on the door next time if you eat like this." She didn't take a piece of food on her plate anymore.

After this Jessy tried to lose her weight and she succeeded. This time her mother told her, "You have become skinny. No guy is going to like you. It's better to stay at your room and clean it until you get a good face." Jessy thought her mother was right and then she started clean up the room. She thought that nobody in this world is going to need a girl like her. She continued doing this and all other household chores so that she at least can be a good housewife as her mother said.

After these incidents 10 years have been passed. Jessy is married now. Her mother is living with her and her husband. Like her mother's house Jessy was also doing all the chores in her house all by herself.

This time she hadn't got a supportive husband. Her husband is another version of her mother. But like before her mother doesn't tell her anything now. In fact, her husband is enough.

One day at the dining table they three were having dinner. Jessy made pizza. But while eating her husband said, "So today you really cooked something that is edible? OH no! I was wrong." He rebuked Jessy and left the table without eating. Jessy was able to put up with this but her mother wasn't.

Another day Jessy was cleaning the floor. When she was cleaning her husband was walking through the cleaned area. She told him politely that she had already cleaned that area. She felt sad but she has training to put up with it.

One evening her mother overheard her and her husband's conversation. Her husband told her to do all the chores all by herself. He even said, "Isn't it your work to do all of these?" Jessy quickly replied so that she needed not to be insulted again, "Yes, of course. It's my job."

This broke her mother. When her husband wasn't at home Jessy made a cup of coffee for her. While taking coffee she asked her, "Why do you let him to speak you in that way?" Jessy said, "Why shouldn't I, mom? Doesn't he have the right?"

Her mom said, "A loved one can never talk to you in such a way."

This completely broke Jessy and she started crying. She asked her mother, "Then why you treated me in this way since my childhood, mom?" Then her mother remember all the things she did wrong with her beautiful daughter. She had nothing to reply except realizing that she was so stupid all those years.

Remember this please, when you lash out at your kids, you define their future. Never ever rebuked them. Do support their every efforts and this will make your child grow properly. If you don't like their deeds, yet never rebuke them. You have to be a soft hearted to have the most beautiful and perfect kids.

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