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Boomerang of consequences

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1 week ago

Linda worked as a cleaner in a small hospital. It was in the semi rural area. One night, she was still doing her jobs and a man was brought to the hospital. He had the symptoms with an acute attack of appendicitis. And needed an urgent surgery.

The patient was taken into the operation theatre. But the doctor yet to come and there was a therapist by her. He had a few minutes to live without the operation. But the therapist was at a loss because he couldn't do the operation by himself. He was confused by her audacity.

That time Linda entered into the OT and saw the lying patient. The therapist asked her to scrub the floor quickly. But Linda didn't listened to him. She wore the gloves and took the instruments. She told the therapist that she would save the patient's life.

The present doctor was shocked at this and he thought the girl had been mad. He ran into the corridor to bring the guard. But that time Linda confidently continued to work of saving life. It seemed that she did thing for many times and she nailed it. This was why she didn't need any helping hands.

When she finished the operation, the surgeon ran into the OT. He observed the operation Linda had done. It was successful and he said in exclamation that it couldn't be that she had saved the patient. After this Linda left the OT to do her cleaning.

Then next day, the cleaning lady was called by the surgeon. She went to his room and he asked her to have a seat. He told her that he had come to know that Linda used to work as a surgeon. He asked her why she had hidden that. She replied that she wanted to forget that period in her life.

One year ago, Linda was the best surgeon in the town. She was successful in her career. One day a little girl was brought to her. She got acquainted with the girl's documents. And she came to a decision that she immediately needed an operation. Then she started the process and took her in the OT.

But unfortunately, she couldn't save the girl. She started crying on the spot and felt guilty. Her her boss after this told her that a doctor of her level shouldn't be making such mistakes. This made her more upset and she blamed herself for what happened.

That time she remembered her husband, Clark. He was a doctor and worked in the same hospital. She needed his support. She returned home in a sad mood. She was crying often as she felt guilty. But she couldn't even imagine how much he had betray her. He was with another girl in their home. She entered and saw them both closely and asked him if he was cheating on her with that young nurse. She ordered her to get out of her house.

But her husband didn't felt ashamed or guilty of the cheating. He took the part of the nurse and saved her. He told her that the nurse would stay and Linda would leave. He told her that a killer had no place in that house or the hospital.

Linda was humiliated by her husband. She packed her things in silence and left her husband's house forever. She decided to leave the city too. And so she moved to a new one and got a job as a cleaner in a hospital. This was because she knew that her career as a doctor was over.

After hearing this the doctor said that he had to fire Linda too. Because it someone found out that someone like her had performed the operation, she would lose his job. Linda understood him and didn't say a word though it broke her life again.

Linda didn't know what to do with her life. She just sat in her room and cried all day. There was no job and no relatives of her in the world. And she couldn't take it. She was completely destroyed and always stayed at her home. She even didn't went out to find a job.

A few days later, someone knocked on her door. She was at home and got astonished as she had none to come her home. But she stepped down towards the door and opened. It was Carol, that nurse for who her husband had cheated her. She got angry to see her and asked what she was doing there. She replied that she couldn't be silent anymore and told her that she had to know the truth. Carol looked sorry and so Linda listened to her.

Carol was working as a nurse in the same hospital Linda and her husband used to do. She fell in love with Linda's husband on the first day of work. He was smart and handsome. But unfortunately he was married. Carol hid her feelings because she didn't want to ruin Linda's family until the day Clark asked her on a date.

She couldn't hide her feelings this time and they went on a date. They fell in love with one another. And Carol asked him what about his wife. It seemed that he had a pre plan. He forbade her to worry and assured her that he would get rid of her very soon.

He had always been a shadow of Linda's glory. He couldn't be better than Linda. And so he decided to get rid of her. He told her that before the operation he would rip a report out of the patient's documents. And then Linda wouldn't know that the patient couldn't be operated on. Love blinded Carol and so she agreed to help him.

The plan worked and they began to live together after Linda's living. But Clark was not like before. It turned out that he was a monster. He always rebuked Carol. One day he told her that he was ashamed that she was a regular nurse. He told her that she had to sit at hoe and cook for him. She loved him and so after that she had to quit her job at the hospital. She became a housewife but he was still unhappy.

One day she made a soup for him. It tasted good to her but when Clark was eating, he didn't like it and said that she didn't wash the floor well And that soup tasted like slop. I refused to eat that. This little things gathered together and been a big problem.

She told to Linda that she couldn't stand it anymore and Carol she came to her. She told her that she didn't destroy the paper from the patient's documents. She also said that she was ready to be punished for her deed. Carol felt very sad and guilty for helping Clark in his evil deeds.

After this Linda got her confidence back. She took the paper and went to the police. Clark and Carol were arrested soon. And fortune favored Linda this time. She returned to work at the hospital. Linda figured out that Carol was a good minded woman and she decided to acquitted her soon.

After this Carol was free from prison and she also returned to work as a nurse. At the hospital they became best friends soon. They both had forgot their past and started living their present and be real. But they never forgive Clark who wanted to snatch everything Linda had.

Before throwing a boomerang of actions, first think about catching a boomerang of consequences.

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Written by   25
1 week ago
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I love the story. It's like I'm watching or reading a scene on Korean Drama. Is it only fictional? I'm glad on Carol and the main POV's relationship as best friends. I hope that Clark will be on prison forever.

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1 week ago

Thank you for the compliments. This very story is fictional. But many stories like this happening everyday and good face of people are revealing. That's the light of the world. And yes people like Clark should be punished harder.

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1 week ago