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Beauty lies in?

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8 months ago

Irina was living with her only brother. She was 22 years old whereas her brother was much more younger. Moreover he was ill and always needed treatment. Their parents were no more. They died by a car accident two years ago.

Irina at first was at a loss what to do and how to spend their savings. And soon she got to know that their savings was not too much that could run them both. It led her managing a job. She interviewed here and there but no one took her in as she was fatty and big in size.

Finally a modeling agency hired her as the mailing person. There was no vacant and they didn't need a mailing person too. But the manager was kind and she felt Irina's condition. And for this she hired her and offered her a good salary. Her days was going good. She could provide foods and treatment for her brother.

The agency soon opened another branch in the other state. And the manager had to move there to run the agency well. And in Irina's place a new manager was appointed. She was beautiful in looking and always looked for beauties. And this was how Irina became a monster in her eyes.

One day Irina was checking the offline mails. Suddenly the new manager, Lisa came from the back side and was reading mails too. She was there to insult Irina actually. She shocked Irina by her sudden appearance. Irina was about to stand up but due to her fatty body she got stuck in the chair.

She embarrassed herself on her boss's first day. Lisa came with a angry and insulting mood and said that there was no place for a fat clerk in her modeling agency. Irina got frightened at this. But the manager offered her to lose 45 pounds in 2 weeks or she would be fired.

Her new manager praised the slim and the beautiful ladies in the shop. And her mood only collapsed when she saw Irina. She had an ill brother to support. So, she took the offer seriously and started slimming down to keep her job. She played with her brother and at the same time continued exercising.

About one week later one day she went to her office and saw that her desk was empty. She didn't know what was happening until her boss came. She moved her to a closet with no furniture. Lisa gave a bucket to her and asked her to sit on that and told that maybe she won't break it. It was inhumane but Irina keep silent. She was desperate to keep her job.

She started to eat once a day to lose her weight quickly. But if her boss would see her eating the only meal, she took it from her and threw in a dust bin. Then she give a lot of paper to her to complete them. Those maybe not be her work, but she made her to do so.

When the 2 weeks was over, Irina was very happy as she lost 25 pound. She rushed to her boss to share this happiness. But she was having a discussion with a pretty and slim girl. So, she ignored her and got angry. She didn't appreciate Irina as she thought. Moreover, she took the inch tape to measure her. Her fellow workers laughed at her and Lisa said to lose 90 pound that time.

She ate nothing but lettuce for the last week. One morning she just came to the office and she fainted! But no one didn't cared much. They just called in an ambulance and they took her away. She had many tests. When she met the doctor with the reports, he told her that if she was trying to kill herself. Her body was so emaciated, her hormones were all out of work!

The next day she went to her office and met her boss in her room. She never showed a bit respect for Irina. She told her boss about the reports and also told her that she couldn't and wouldn't continue her rapid weight loss. But Lisa got angry and started rebuking her. All the staffs gathered in front of her doorstep to see what was happening inside.

But this time Irina was in her decision. She thought if something happened to her, who would take care of her ill younger brother. At office Lisa gave her the papers that day and threw them over her face. She said to Irina that she had a week to hand things over and forbade her to expect good recommendations from her. The task was of more than 2 weeks but she wanted her to do it within one. And finally she lost her job!

One day she was at home and never went to the agency. But in her laptop she got the mailing address of Lisa's agency. One day, she was going through mail and she found one client Lisa had declined. It was from a plus-size clothes shop. They were looking for a curvy plus size model. Irina made her decision instantly to help them.

She called them and told them that she would find them a super girl for add. She went to the shooting spot on the next day which she rented with her last cent. She also found models and a photographer. When the owner of the plus-size shop came, she showed her the photos those were shoot by her models. She was excited to show.

But she was terrified waiting for the owner's answer. And her worst fears came true. The client didn't like any of the girls. It was a complete failure. He told her that they didn't have a spark. He was looking for genuine beauty. Just like Irina!

Now she had become the face of a chain of shops. Gradually she started believing in her beauty. She also decided to help other girls like her. With the money she earned, she opened her own plus-size modeling agency.

4 years had passed after this. Irina's agency exploded. And one day even Lisa came looking for a job. She couldn't lose weight after childbirth and got kicked too for her overweight. She told Irina that they told her a fatty didn't belong there that was out of her imagination. She also told Irina that she would look amazing among her full-figured models.

Irina smiled and said that not quite she could be. Because she was afraid that Lisa would be too skinny for her agency. She also told her that after this all she was not going to hide her in a closet and offered her to come again when she would be 45 pound bigger.

It's such a shame when people fail to see real beauty behind empty standards.

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Written by   76
8 months ago
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